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VIA Gallery

120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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Legal terms

You are currently connected to the official VIA website

Director of publication :
Jean-Paul BATH, Chief Executive
Webmaster :
Fabienne Millerat

However, complaints, statements or requests for advice forwarded by electronic mail will not be taken into account. Demands of this type must be sent by postal mail.
120, avenue Ledru Rollin - 75011 Paris
Ph : 01 44 68 18 00
Association loi 1901 - SIREN 389356452

Comments concerning the functioning of the VIA website may be addressed to the webmaster at :

VIA (Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing) actively valorizes and promotes French creation in furnishing (furniture, lighting, tableware, decoration accessories, rugs, furnishing textiles...) both in France and abroad. Its programme of action targets the entire profession: industrial groups (VIA labels), small and medium-sized firms, artisans, producers, distributors, creative trades and designers (creation grants: project assistance, carte blanche awards, design schools). The VIA gallery, at the above address, stages regular exhibitions. The Agora des créateurs - the VIA website and data base for designers - presents on-line the press books of over 900 creators.


No personal information is gathered by VIA without your knowledge.
No personal information is ever passed on by VIA to a third party.


The VIA website has been declared to the CNIL monitoring authority (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés).


Fair warning is given here to all persons involved in this project for diffusion of personal information by the Internet.
In the framework of operating its data base for creators working in design and the decorative arts, known as the 'Agora des créateurs', VIA (Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing) diffuses information concerning you on its Internet website. We wish to remind you that you have the right to access, modify, rectify and suppress all or part of the information concerning you. This information is comprised of:
· a curriculum vitae and presentation text,
· your particulars or those indicated by you for inclusion on the Agora des créateurs (address, phone, fax, portable, e-mail, website), all other information remaining confidential,
· a portrait photo and photographs of your works (products, interior layouts, stands…). These documents are forwarded to VIA copyright free. A copyright trademark may be shown if you expressly request this, but this will not imply payment of a copyright fee by VIA.
Given the characteristics of Internet diffusion, which entails the unrestricted transfer and reception of data, and the difficulty - if not impossibility - of controlling the use made of this data by third parties, we expressly inform Agora participants that they may refuse this diffusion. Failing which, VIA declines all responsibility incumbent on such diffusion and its consequences, including the diffusion of photographs of prototypes not owned by VIA, of furniture models already made, or of any other work.
Your refusal and reserves must be addressed directly to VIA.


You may at any time in the future modify your wishes concerning diffusion of data concerning you by the Internet or demand that it be ended. To do so, you must contact us at the following address:
VIA - Valorisation de l'innovation dans l'ameublement
120, avenue Ledru Rollin - 75011 Paris
T : 01 44 68 18 00


The entire VIA website is subject to French and international law concerning creators' copyright and intellectual property. All rights of reproduction are reserved, including those for documents that may be downloaded and those for pictorial representations and photographs.
The copying or all or part of the website onto any electronic support is expressly forbidden without the prior authorisation of the director of publication. Request for authorisation may be made by e-mail.
The copying of texts from the website onto paper is allowed, in particular in the framework of teaching activities, providing the following three conditions are fulfilled:
- diffusion of copies thus made is free of charge,
- documents thus copied are respected in their entirety, without change or alteration of any kind,
- a clear and legible acknowledgement of the publication source is made on the copy, for example: 'This document was copied from the VIA website: All rights of reproduction are reserved and strictly limited'. The complete address of the VIA website must figure in the acknowledgement.
For all other applications, please contact us.


Ronald Corlette Theuil