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Lettre de l'Innovation
Wood, transformations, design

GREEN, never has this colour offered so much hope (this median colour between fiery red and celestial blue, which represents springtime, the plant kingdom and signifies the awakening of life, baptism...). While these last 50 years have been years of so much progress , they have also been years of so much excess. With the development of social housing and consumer products, mass affluence arrived with its commercial products and accessibility to everything, with a mad rush for the lowest price.
While no one can deny the comfort that this progress has brought, neither can we ignore the disastrous consequences that the consumer society generates in the form of over-abundance, fostering hyper consumption, waste and, at the end of the chain, pollution, certain effects of which have already shown themselves to be harmful and caused irreparable damage to our dear planet Earth.

Gérard Laizé
VIA Managing Director

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The word of Andreas Kleinschmit
  Director of Innovation & Research at FCBA
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Evaluation of degradation of the appearance of lacquered finishes in the furniture industry
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A material focus on "Wood, transformations, Design"
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INNOVATHÈQUE Jean-Marc Barbier / Aude Renon
VIA Gérard Laizé / Fabienne Millerat


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