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Les labels VIA 2008

‘VIA Labels’ are given to products or product ranges that result from co-operation between a French manufacturer and a designer. They are attributed each year during the professional trade fairs by a jury of professionals composed of manufacturers, designers, experts and journalists. They concern products launched on the market and which apply – in an original and relevant manner – an approach that is innovative in terms of materials, technology, function or style. Awarded products benefit from all the VIA promotional tools : exhibitions, communications. All manufacturers and producers may submit requests for ‘VIA Labels’.

Alban-Sébastien Gilles / Macé, Antoine Fritsch and Julien Mélique / Atelier Sedap, Jean-Michel Policar / Pérène, François Azambourg / Patrick Brézé, Jérôme Gauthier / Belloubet, Christophe Delcourt / Tujague, Valérie Boy / SCE EDITION, Jean-Luc Roux / Hardy Roux Développement, Nils Frederking / Ligne Roset, François Champsaur / HC 28 Groupe Hugues Chevalier, Stéphane Ducatteau, Marie-Aurore Stiker Metral / Ligne Roset, Noé Noviant / Ligne Roset, Philippe Soffiotti / Macé, Pierre-Léon Luneau / Ligne Roset, Mathieu Jacobs / Vertilignes, Pascal Mourgue / Ligne Roset, Ariane Epstein et Jean Sébastien Lagrange / Eurosit, François Azambourg / Ligne Roset, Savinel & Rozé / Baccarat, Fabrice Berrux / Dix Heures DiX, Arik Lévy / Baccarat, Jean-François Bellemère / Compagnie

Scenography : Yves Gradelet (architect, scénographer - in charge of exhibitions)

Press : via.presse - t. +33(0)1 46 28 11 11 - f. +33(0)1 46 28 13 13

Practical Informations

Exhibition open every day
Monday to Friday 10 am – 1 pm / 2 pm – 6 pm
Saturday / Sunday 1 pm / 6 pm
Free admission

HD images

NB : The images are strickly limited to the presentation and promotion of the corresponding event.
All use of images must be accompanied by the mentioned copyright.
VIA is not responsible for misuse of images.

Procedure for HD downloads

1/ Open the picture by clicking on its tag.
2/ It will then open in a new window.
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4/ Select "save to".

© M. Bouré

© M. Bouré

© M. Bouré

© M. Bouré

© M. Bouré

Affair sofa
© AS Gilles

Plume standing lamp
© B Bohu

Aile suspension
© B. Bohu

Peacock chair
© DR

Torch lamp
© DR

Canopée Collection windowed bookcase
© P de Grandry

Canopée Collection low televison console
© P de Grandry

Canopée Collection chest of seven drawers
© P de Grandry

RGBW light
© DR

Pixel wall clock
© DR

Chêne chair
© D.R.

Petite Gigue chair
© DR

Xiang desk
© JM Palisse

Ilia chair
© JM Palisse

Gio pedestal table
© JM Palisse

Versailles table
© DR

Concept Cook compact kitchen unit
© Hardy Inside

Chemin d'Eau kitchen sink
© Fournier SA

Collection 45° sideboard
© A Dauvifat / Studio Méravilles

45° Collection hexagonal table
© A Dauvifat / Studio Méravilles

La pliée chair
© DR

DIVa vegetal wall piece
© S. Bardin

F2 folding table
© D.R.

Le 5ème Pied side table and reading light
© DR

Patchwork sofa
© DR

Lutézia desk
© P Guiraud

Miss Folding table
© DR

Ram’s lamp
© DR

Véga lamp
© DR

Jeu de Cartes bookshelf units
© S Ducatteau

Solène Collection wall light

Solène Collection wall light

Solène Collection lamp