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Home cinema and living space

Young people today can hardly imagine what an upheaval the coming of television was back in 1955. Not only did it upset and redefine the spatial layout of homes (the dining room - formerly used only for grand occasions - came into daily use as a family living room), it also hastened the spread of new typologies in home furniture: sofas, easy chairs, coffee and pedestal tables, hi-fi cabinets...

• 96 % of French families own at least one TV set. Their replacement/renewal comes about in a ten-year cycle, given the pressure of new multimedia technologies.
• 38 % of French families own a second TV set installed in a bedroom.
• 50 % of French families own a desk-top computer.

Technological evolution in telecommunication, cable and satellite broadcasting have brought hundreds of new channels into the communication arena, most of them interactive. TV sets and computers are bound to merge sooner or later. Compared to first generation audiovisual devices, new devices will enable a fantastic increase in the range of activities on offer: entertainment, games, shopping, studying, engaging in militant activity, keeping abreast of the news, conducting research, looking for a job… not to mention reading and writing. Opposition to new media devices is falling away fast since young generations grow up with television and computer science as daily realities. Interestingly, a person 100 years old today discovered TV in his or her middle age.

These new technologies have had direct effects on our living space and the way we behave.
On one hand, they have had to integrate harmoniously interior layouts that obey specific aesthetic codes.
On the other, the fact that we all spend more and more time sitting in front of these devices every day (French people spend an average of three and a half hours watching TV every day) has changed our behaviour paterns in terms of posture and body movements, which even in seated positon are totally different from what they used to be. We are spending more and more time sitting down, but we don’t sit the way the generation before us did.
With these ideas in mind, over the past five years VIA has conducted research into the ways new multimédia devices are integrated to habitat to ensure viewer comfort in daily use. The ’VidéHome’ exhibition looks at différent atmospheres that have grown out of changes. The general theme is illustrated in three types of layout:
A| The loft, living space for a young urban couple.
B| The TV room, comfort for show and display.
C| The auditorium, a space specific to sound and image.
Gérard Laizé – VIA chief executive

Round table talks held during the exhibition

• Monday 26 September : ’Design, sound & image’
• Monday 14 November : ’Creation assistance: looking at the institutional players in France’

Professional partners

Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Appui images, Ateliers Philippe Coudray /ATAD, BC Acoustique, Belux, Anthony Bizeul, Bowers & Wilkins, Carlucci di Chivasso, Philippe Cholet luminaires, Cinna, Classicon, Densen, Design Pyrénnées, Edra, Erard, Fiam,
le Groupement des Agenceurs de l’UNIFA, Haute Fidélité, Highland Audio, l’Innovathèque du CTBA, J. Robert Scott, Kartell, Knoll, Jean-Luc Le Deun, Linn, Mat&jewski, Moissonnier, MGD Industries/Batimob Agencement, Moyse International,
Nanimarquina, Ligne Roset, Rotel, Sagimeca, Shanling, Thomson, Thüt Mobel, Tim Thom, Treca, Zanotta.

With design input from

Sophie Bien, Philippe Coudray, Odile Duchêne, Michel Djeranian, Pierre Favresse, Patricia Fletcher, Dominique Fusco, Clément Joubert, Eric Jourdan, Maurice Lavesvre, Julie Levasseur, Bernard Moïse, Eliane Noë, Jean-Michel Policar, Nicolas Profit, Florence Renouf, Laurent Thorin, Sismo, Frédéric Sofia, Florence Sportes…

Scenography : Yves Gradelet (architecte, scénographe - responsable des expositions)

Press : via.presse - t. +33(0)1 46 28 11 11 - f. +33(0)1 46 28 13 13

Practical informations

'Vidéhome' exhibition
Exhibition running 4 September to 18 December 2005
Monday / Friday 10 am – 1 pm & 2 pm - 6 pm
Saturday / Sunday 10 pm – 1 pm & 2 pm - 7 pm

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expo VIA scenography
© P. Favresse

Due speaker
© DR

A Diva speakers

Act/A3 speakers

MT30 speakers

B400XS CD player, B2000 preamplifier, B300 amplifier

Oran 4505 speakers
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Thüt storage unit
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Louis XV chest of drawers
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PDP-506XDE plasma TV
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RDV1050 DVD player

STP80 amplifier

CDT300 CD player

Thin DLP Projection screen
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Prima Curva bed
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Tod pedestal table
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Cinéline storage unit

La Corbusière lie-back seat
© Fillioux&Fillioux

LCD screen 32" 16/9

Good morning utility table

Draad lamp
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Recliner lie-back seat
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On the rocks seat

Coup de scie stool

Georges integration piece for flat screen

Zéro G lie-back seat
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Bird armchair
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Boule light

Crystal shade lamp
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Diana utility table
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Topissimo rug

Zomm rug

Delos armchair & foot rest
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Peluda rug

Dessous chic console
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Saké sofa and pouffe
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Cosmos light

Caadre mirror
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Eros office armchair
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One by one standard lamp
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LCD screen 16/9 Aquos LC32GA4E
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