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VIA Design 2007

VIA Creation Assistance Grants

2 Carte Blanche awards : Two research grants have been awarded for 2007

Inga Sempé designs objects that are implicitly simple and that reflect the actual usage they enable rather than the function that defines them. The functional solutions embodied in the object found its originality, while recourse to discreet techniques makes for ease of use.

Matt Sindall with his project ‘W (Double You)’ uses the figure of the circle to question the creative process in its possible modes of formal representation: either classical perspective or computer-generated imagery as ornament.

Project Assistance Grants selected from over 1000 unsolicited submissions
12 projects selected by VIA will be on show :
Ammar Eloueini & François Brument (chairs), Itamar Burstein (bookshelves), 5.5 designers (lamps), Eloi Chafaï (desk), Benjamin Graindorge (light), Pierre-Léon Luneau (low table), Bernard Moïse (chairs), Philippe Nigro (storage unit), Noé Noviant (seat), Antoine Phelouzat (chair), Sylvain Rieu-Piquet (mezzanine), Marie-Aurore Stiker-Métral (chair).
All of these research projects were selected by a specialist commission going on criteria of innovativeness, whether conceptual, formal or related to the use of new materials and technologies. VIA financed their development to working prototype stage, ready for production.

Scenography : Yves Gradelet (architect, scenographer - in charge of exhibitions)

Press : via.presse - t. +33(0)1 46 28 11 11 - f. +33(0)1 46 28 13 13

Practical informations

'VIA Design 2007' exhibition
Open everyday from 10 am to 10 pm.
free entrance

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Style IV lamps
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Light up curtain
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Chair#71 chair
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Corky chair
© Fillioux&Fillioux

© Fillioux&Fillioux

P'tit Lulu chairs
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Plan bureau worktop
© Fillioux&Fillioux

magnifying glassed boxes
© Fillioux&Fillioux

step ladder chair
© Fillioux&Fillioux

dual-access shelf
© Fillioux&Fillioux

dual-directional lamp
© Fillioux&Fillioux

viced coat hook
© Fillioux&Fillioux

© Fillioux&Fillioux

luggage shelf

Offset bookcase
© Fillioux&Fillioux

La Pliée chair
© Fillioux&Fillioux

"les cousins" : book case, window, mirror
© Fillioux&Fillioux

armchair It got in the way
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Migration table
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Crop circles carpet
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Bougez les meubles ! Seat
© Fillioux&Fillioux

storage unit
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Miss folding coffee table
© Fillioux&Fillioux

Entreciel mezzanine
© Fillioux&Fillioux