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Soif d'idéal

’Soif d’idéal’ was mounted by the Ensad (École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs, Paris) in collaboration with the ENS (École normale supérieure de la rue d’Ulm) to present the results of training programmes for students in all sectors of design - graphics/multimédia, object, printed imagery, etc.

The aim of this studio event’ was to put together an instructive and educational public presentation around the question of the value of patterns in the creation process. Students were asked to analyse constraints linked to the unfolding of the process, whether they were conceptual, aesthetic or technical, or more to do with methodology and human relations. The development of projects relies on bringing together and integrating approaches from various spheres: the arts, literature, philosophy, science and everyday life. The analysis phase was punctuated by interventions from external figures such as Anne Malherbe, historian and art critic, Bruno Robert, biophysician (Atomic Energy Comission), and Bernard Schira, script writer (Ensad). The event took place in real time as a climax presentation at the Via gallery, on 7 and 8 July 2007.

The global project

Creation as about searching for what is ideal: beauty, communicating with people, presence of the object in the design world, not to mention the ideal of the creator engaged in bringing something new into the world: his or her personal ideal revealed publicly and put on show by way of fictions and dissimulations.
The shaping of an ideal, whether conscious or unconscious, by the artist: this is more or less what every creation process involves.
But the search for the ideal is never easy. How do we get back to origins? How do we solve the problem that faces every creator: that of capturing what is immaterial?
Our project approach has been to look at patterns within the process. A pattern is a basic form that points towards the ideal yet to be represented. A pattern is a scheme by which the ideal may be brought into the world. Patterns involve all the processes and approaches by which creators resolve their works in form. Patterns encompass the conditions and structures that make a work possible and impose the first outline form. A form that is sensitive, imaginary, dream-like, which the creator senses is ideal.


’The fertile night’, Marienka Baude, Ensad, & Anaïs Goudmand, ENS-Ulm
Creating in the dark night, extracting forms, ideas and images from what is obscure, turn darkness itself into part of the pattern – the disquieting fertility of night present in a dark phosphorescent room.
’The pattern-scheme’, Jennifer Bongibault & Alice Pichelin, Ensad
Since the pattern is the scheme of creation, the process of re-shaping it enables creators to test its limits. Shrinking or enlarging a cube pattern projects a basic form into an expanded reality, by which it passes from one state to another.
’Critical floating’, Emilie Bouvard, ENS-Ulm
Interviews carried out with each of the project participants bring together journalism, psycho-analysis and sociology to shape discourse: the personal pattern.
’Computer memories’, David Dahan, Ensad
In ancient times thinkers revered the generating force of memory as a store of images. The capacity to create relies on re-discovering the ramifications of computer-like memory.
’Matrix and reproductibility’ , Prudence Dudan, Ensad
Questioning limits, testing the vitality of a pattern in design and production, in a graphic line that engages the event’s editorial project and signage.
’Hypotheses for the history of fascination’, Claire Gheerardyn, ENS-Ulm
A sheaf of articles brought together in an essay that questions the enormous reaches of conceptual and cultural creation using the notion of patterns.
’Matrix and civilization’ , Milène Guermont, Ensad
The association of two patterns fundamental to mythical and cultural imagination: the sea and the Last Supper.

Programme head : Marc Thébault (ENSAD)

Guests : Anne Malherbe, historienne et critique d’art, Bruno Robert, biophysicien (C.E.A) et Bernard Schira, scénariste (Ensad).

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