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Ma cantine en ville - Voyage au cœur de la cuisine de rue

New York, Hanoi, Berlin, Antananarivo, La Paz, Bamako, London Bordeaux, Moscow, Havana… Ma cantine en ville will present a panoramic world round-up of habits, ways and means related to street eating. Co-produced by VIA and the Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine, the show, like a traveller’s scrap book, will bring together all sorts of documents reflecting the wide variety of contexts and practises linked to this vital activity and the extraordinary capacity of individuals to adapt to their environment.

The content of the show derives from a call for contributions launched early this year, targeting designers, architects, teachers and – more generally – observant spirits and travellers. At the outset the aim was to collect information on the ways foodstuffs are carried, prepared, sold and eaten in public space – how things are done, where and why, etc. Almost one hundred dossiers were submitted, enabling the curators – Fiona Meadows (Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine) and Michel Bouisson (VIA) – to put together a comprehensive and detailed overview of the techniques and equipment used in urban contexts today. From coherent methods for making the most of limited storage space and conserving perishable goods, to the many ways food is prepared, cooked and enhanced by display, not to mention the ingenious ways in which food-vending outfits are made mobile.

What emerges from the hundreds of documents on display - photographs, videos, maps, sketches, drawings and objects - is a manifold expression of situations and practises that constitute portrait reports of our contemporary world: the dizzying proliferation of modern-day cities, their density of occupation, and their flow patterns. By observing a single activity that cuts across all collective habits, Ma cantine en ville attests the wealth of imagination that people deploy to adapt essential activities to economic realities, whether regulated or informal, and the ways in which they conserve or modulate traditional notions of sociability and civility. An entire section of the show focuses on innovation from the viewpoint of our society – ways in which new responses to social problems are being developed to improve individual and collective well-being –, with proposals made by visual artists, architects and designers.

Curators : Fiona Meadows (Responsable de programmes, Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine) and Michel Bouisson (Head of Creation Assistance & relations with schools, VIA)

Scenography : Yves Gradelet (architect, scénographer - in charge of exhibitions)

Technical coordinator : Alexandre Pascaud

Communication : Patrice Juin (communication, VIA) - - tél. +33(0)1 44 75 79 76

David Madec (communication, Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine) - - t. +33(0)1 58 51 52 80

Practical informations

Ma cantine en ville
An exhibition co-produced by VIA and the Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine
Running 14 to 31 March 2013
Opening Saturday 16 March 2013 at 7 pm
Cité Novaciéries
1, route de Saint-Etienne, 42400 Saint-Chamond
10 am to 7 pm

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(01)a Africa
Street cuisine scene
© Laland

(01)b Africa
Mali - Diéma
Supplying of the travellers
© Sandra Fiori

(01)c Africa
Mauritius - Port louis
Salesman of fruit salads
© Emilie Roussety

(02)a North America
United States - Los Angeles
Indian food van
© Atelier Barda

(02)b North America
United States - Portland
Trailers of Portland
© Atelier Barda

(02)c North America
United States - Seattle
Bus trailer turning into donuts' seller
© Atelier Barda

(02)d North America
United States - New York
Bretzels and hot dogs' seller
© Elodie Lecerf

(03)a South America
Mexico - Zacatecas
Succession of street restaurants
© Alice Bouchet

(03)b South America
Peru - Surquillo
Mobile restaurant / bar
© Boris Lefevre

(03)c South America
Bolivia - Cochabamba
Mobile icebox
© Laureline Chiarami

(03)d South America
Cuba - La Havana
Flat / kiosk
© Olivier Perpoint

(04)a Asia
China - Ningbo
Flat cakes' oven
© Nicolas Bouisson

(04)b Asia
China - Shangai
Tricycle Faguomobil
© Lauranne Volet

(04)c Asia
China - Shangai
Eating in the street
© Jérôme Agez et Margaux der Agopian

(04)d Asia
China - Shangai
Steam cooking
© Nicolas Bouisson

(04)e Asia
Preparation and feeding of Lassi
© Arnaud Sarteur

(04)f Asia
Vietnam - Can Tho
© Claude Preloirenzo

(04)g Asia
Vietnam - Hanoi
Palanche with hearth, seats and food
© Pauline Regalia

(05)a Europe
Germany - Berlin
Itinerant sausage vendor
© Nathalie Neumann

(05)b Europe
Great Britain - London
Hot dogs seller
© Fiona Meadows

(05)c Europe
Great Britain - London
Barbapapa seller
© Fiona Meadows

(05)c Europe
France - Bordeaux
Mobile creperie
© Nous sommes

(05)d Europe
France - Brittany
Cabbage soup seller
© Elsa Favier

(05)e Europe
Military canteen
© Michel Bouisson

(06)f Europe
Russia - Moscow
Lunch counter
© Jean-Louis Cohen