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The apartment: a metaphor of the world

The apartment: a metaphor of the world

Launched by Lab-Labanque, L’appartement : une métaphore du monde is a research/ experiment project conducted at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design of Valenciennes, working to a proposal in collaboration with VIA.

The idea was to mount an exhibition in what was formerly the apartment occupied by the director of the Banque de France, the display consisting of working hypotheses (models, prototypes, etc.) that focus on major issues linked to contemporary ways of living. Proposals attempt to embrace evolution and constraints from varied viewpoints, whether they be sociological, cultural, economic, technological, spatial, ergonomic, environment-related, etc…

An integral part of the ‘space design’ teaching programme, the project adopted an experimental and prospective approach. Pragmatic, it favoured scenarios based on real-life situations, anticipating their evolution. Three themes were more specifically investigated: sharing & cohabitation; quality of environment; economy & work.

Lab-Labanque installed the project exhibition on the first floor of the former apartment – a 270 m² space that gave visitors real-size immersion in space planning and fit-out for various functions (kitchen, laundry...), complete with objects, user protocols and services.

The exhibition commissariat was handled by Philippe Massardier (Artois Comm. / Lab-Labanque), Sonia Criton and Patrick Beauce (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design, Valenciennes),and Michel Bouisson (VIA).

Curators : Philippe Massardier (Artois Comm. / Lab-Labanque), Sonia Criton and Patrick Beaucé (Ecole supérieure d'art et de design de Valenciennes), Michel Bouisson (VIA)

Practical informations

L'appartement : une métaphore du monde
Exhibition 2 april - 31 july 2011
Opening every day from 2pm till 7pm
Free charge of entrance

Press contact

Lara Vallet, Lab-Labanque
Phone : + 33 (0)3 21 63 04 70
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