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Design sous influences

VIA was a partner for the ’Design sous Influences’ exhibition presented at the recent Foire de Paris.

An initiatory journey into the creation of designer furniture
The aim of this event was to make design more democratic by having creators meet with the public and explain the fine points of their work, using prototypes and production pieces as well as film reports of designers at work.
The exhibition concept created and laid out by Cédric Martineaud proceeded from 3 sources of influence – society, environment and the arts – in a didactic animation that filled 200 m² of space with an initiatory journey into the creation of designer furniture.

The influences - society, environment, the arts
Found expression in 5 prototypes selected and financed by VIA.

Particule stool – Design: Adrien Rovero (VIA Project Assistance grant 2008)
’Particule’ relies on the assemblage of three identical modules made of compressed wood chips, moulded and bonded with a natural tannin base, a substance found in the bark of certain trees.

Lin 94 chair – Design: François Azambourg (VIA Project partnership 2009/Made by DCS)
The ’Lin 94’ chair is made of a composite material in which the fibre base is not the habitual glass or carbon but natural linen. This substitution makes for a lighter product, with a carbon-emission rate that is just one tenth what it would otherwise be.

Cales Humaines body-shape comfort cushions– Design: Olivier Peyricot (VIA Carte Blanche 2003)
These cushions designed as extensions of the body invite users to test new relaxing postures. The ’Cales Humaines’ set was made with the help of the Asklé Santé firm, which specializes in the fabrication of anti-irritation mattresses.

Miss Folding – Design: Pierre-Léon Luneau (VIA Project Assistance grant 2007)
An authentic space-saver, ’Miss Folding’ is a reversible table that is extremely easy to put up or take down and store. Screws and glue are replaced by zips, and the suppleness of ’folding textile’ allows the table to be folded up tight.

Style IV lamp(s) – Design: 5.5 Designers ( VIA Project Assistance grant 2007)
The ’Style IV’ lamp(s) take a light-hearted look at four radically different styles in decoration compounded in a single object. In this salute to our heritage and the identity of our homes, the designers raise issues around the place left to creation on the consumer market.

Practical information

Design sous influences
Foire de Paris Hall 7
29 April to 9 may 2010
Porte de Versailles

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VIA - Pauline Lacoste - - t. +33(0)1 46 28 11 11 - f. +33(0)1 46 28 13 13
Foire de Paris - Marie-Christine Frey - - t. +33(0)1 76 77 13 20

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"Style IV" lamps
© Fillioux&Fillioux

"Particule" stool
© VIA/ Marie Flores

"Lin 94" chair
© C. Fillioux

"Cales humaines"
© Theunen

"Miss folding" coffee table
© Fillioux&Fillioux