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Le Berlin des Créateurs

To mark the 20th anniversary of the cultural co-operation agreement between Paris and Berlin, both capitals will be staging events this summer and autumn 2007.

Among the wealth of projects, which include concerts and presentations of guest artists, the partner cities will be mounting in parallel two offbeat exhibitions. At the Murkisches Museum in Berlin, ‘Design Reference Paris’ presents a panorama of Parisian design, from 20 September to 4 November 2007. In Paris, « Le Berlin des Créateurs » gives a comprehensive overview of the design scene in Berlin and of the trends of the moment. The Paris show is at the VIA gallery (Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) from 3 October to 16 December. Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoë, with mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit, open both shows: ‘Design Reference Paris’ in Berlin on 19 September, and « Le Berlin des Créateurs » in Paris on 2 October.

The ‘Berlin creators’ show was mounted by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, working to a commission from the Lander of Berlin, and supported by the Deutsche Klassenlotterie foundation. Designers and their objects form the core of the show. According to design observers, the political and economic situation in Berlin has brought into being a climate that has stimulated young creators. Years of industrial regression (in West Berlin before the fall of the Wall, and both sides since then) have forced designers to look beyond the expectations and needs of industrial makers. This questioning of design focused on industrial imperatives has fostered new creation procedures that have a non-commercial bias.

The team behind Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH (Thomas Friedrich, Kathrin Kohle, Wolf Kuhnelt, Georg von Wilcken), backed by a group of experts (Atilano Gonzalez, Designmai / Professors Ralf Rautenberg and Helmut Staubach of the Kunsthochschule Wei§ensee / Professors Egon Chemaitis and Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen of the Universität der Künste, Berlin) selected 19 design agencies and fashion studios for « Le Berlin des créateurs » :

Object design:

Adam und Harborth / Studio Aisslinger / Julian Appelius / Delphin-Design / e27 / Fuchs und Funke / Hering Berlin / L.ufer und Keichel / Metrofarm / Osko und Deichmann / Barbara Schmidt (Kahla Porzellan)


Bless Office Berlin / c.neeon / Elena Kikina / Frank Leder / Pulver Studio / Karen Scholz und Joan Tarrag. Pampanola / Trippen GmbH

The exhibition

The Berlin show proposes a specific environment for creators: a context in constant change and movement that effaces the border-lines between painters, designers, scientific people, graphic artists, engineers and young entrepreneurs. For example, the differences between fashion designers and designers of objects are seen as being of secondary importance. The strong attraction of the Berlin design scene is linked to the spirit of initiative of its players. These are people who push aside rules and conventions to project concepts that challenge established norms. Many different issues are raised by the artists. The exhibition is not about mainstream design: it is a confrontation with the expectations of the public in an attempt to imagine the future together.

Giant screens will display series of photo portraits of creators and impressions of their work places. The photo reports were commissioned from photographer Jan Sobottka ( ) and will be shown in continuous mode.
An 80-page magazine will accompany « Le Berlin des Créateurs », containing articles on the design and culture scene in the German capital, a catalogue of the designers and creators presented in the show, as well as useful information and contact addresses.

Scenography : Yves Gradelet (architect, scénographer - in charge of exhibitions)

Press : Elsa Sarfati - via.presse - t. +33(0)1 46 28 11 11 - f. +33 (0)1 46 28 13 13

Practical informations

'Le Berlin des Créateurs' exhibition
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"Roundabout" memory game, courtesy "Siebensachen", 2005
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"N°31 SweaterCenterPerlpad"
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"V22" coat rack, 2006
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"re-flex" hanging lamp, 2006
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"Papton" cardboard chair, 2004
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"Cielo" dish, "Velvet" & "Puls" plates, 2005
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"Soft X" conference chair, 2007
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Afrika, S/S 2007 coll.
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"Concrete table", "concrete bench", 2002
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"Abyss" lamp, 2006
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"Margarita and the master", 07/08 S/S coll.
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"Gap chair", 2007
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"Blade", "x+os" S/S 07 coll.
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"Meine Mutter schneidet Speck" rings, 2007
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A/W 06/07 coll.
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"Left or Right BIG" reading lamp, 2007
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