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120, avenue Ledru Rollin
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Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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VIA / design schools 07

An exhibition that covers the entire spectrum of design for living: furnishings, lighting, tableware and even street furniture…Each year during the two months of high summer, after the diplomas have been won, VIA opens a showcase for students from schools of design, fine arts and applied arts. A selection of the best work done by diploma-year alumni presents the particularities of their training in creation.
The exhibition aims at revealing the enormous potential of young French designers in their creative experiments for the world of tomorrow.

The schools also make available their own presentation documents, to give young people interested in design training clear information on training programmes. In the pursuit of its mission to promote and valorize the work of creative designers, all along the school year VIA engages in close collaboration with some thirty schools for creation in France and abroad. VIA finances the prototype production of certain projects by diploma students, sits on end-of-year juries, organizes talks on prospective themes it has researched, and accompanies teaching programmes.

This year, 18 schools are taking part in the exhibition

• Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs , Paris
• Ecole Camondo , Paris
• E cole Supérieure d'Arts Appliqués - Boulle , Paris
• Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle Les Ateliers
• Ecole Bleue , Paris
• Ecole Supérieure d'Arts et de Design , Reims
• Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design , Saint-Etienne
• Institut d'Arts Visuels , Orléans
• Académie Charpentier, Paris
• Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Bretagne , Rennes
• Ecole Pivaut , Nantes
• Institut Supérieur de Design , Valenciennes
• Strate Collège, Issy les Moulineaux
• Ecole des Beaux- Arts , Rennes
• Ecole Supérieure des Beaux- Arts , Valenciennes
• L'Institut Supérieur d'Arts Appliqués LISAA , Paris
• Ecole Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs, Strasbourg
L'Ecole Design Nantes Atlantique


signature of book le design-hier, aujourd'hui, demain-mode d'emploi by elisabeth couturier - editions filipacchi
Jade Nesme will also sign her guide-book j.a.d.e. guide juridique appliqué au design d'environnement published by via.

Curator : Michel Bouisson (Head of Creation Assistance & relations with schools VIA) assisted by Alice Serrano

Scenography : Yves Gradelet (architect, scénographer - in charge of exhibitions)

Press : Elsa Sarfati - via.presse - t. +33(0)1 46 28 11 11 - f. +33(0)1 46 28 13 13

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VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

VIA gallery

"mise en boîte" urban furniture

Instables storage unit


"A fleur de peau" chair

Cocon seat

Scénarieau fountain

a healthy & petroleum free home / Chair

"Connectiques d'archétypes" craft tableware
© D. Feintrenie

Culbuto table

"Croc" picnic

"Joe" side furniture


nid vert cat litter box

a healthy & petroleum free home / Sofa

the kitchen of the future - 1st Price Design De Dietrich 2007

modular structure "Pod"

"Le terrier" storage unit

stool / easel

"Mille feuilles" accessories

a healthy & petroleum free home / Coffee set

"H²" chaise longue

"Coussin Dur" side furniture

"Follow me" side furniture

Cohabitation "l'expérience du vivre ensemble"

"désir" tableware

a healthy & petroleum free home / Screen


rocking stool

"Coloriage vase

stool with or without back

stool / chair

L'appoint carton folding chair

Pirouette childern's furniture

Pet Spider lamp


a healthy & petroleum free home / Table

"Flex" seat

a healthy & petroleum free home / Wall, insulation, window

Antoine & Cléopâtre reversible bench

Pour-Moi-Toute-Seule stool

stool / rack

Trame déconstruite wall storage

"Domestiquer l'eau"

Mobidule lamp

Construction colorée container

"constuctions colorées" containers

Domestiquer le fil baskets, draining rack and stool

storage / stool

"ITeasy" table

Romuald seat

rattan cane armchair No Petrol
© R. Heide

a healthy & petroleum free home / Stretch of water

"Pic-nic chic" plate & "Pique-niquer chez soi" glass

a healthy & petroleum free home / Floor coating


Système S office space


washing machine

"Quand la culture de l'oralité se lit et s'écrit dans l'objet"