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120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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Contact : 58, rue Charlot 75003 Paris - France

Ph. +33 (0)1 42 46 00 09
environmental designer, architect, interior architect, industrial designer, visual designer

A line of products ranging from a perfume bottle to a turntable … all singed by the same logo?! This is the extravagant attitude of a young designer known as ïto. He was just 21 when he decided to create a ‘multi-sector’ label, with the equivalent of the photocopy budget of a label like Prada in hand. He modelled synthesis images of the objects he dreamed up and presented them to the public via the ‘net as if they already existed. His collection of imaginary objects went right round the world and gave rise to the first virtual label.

With the support of the intrigued and charmed press, the studio saw its creations in 3D synthesis imagery set among the very real products of prestige labels. Fiction went beyond reality when clients and buyers began using the Internet to order products that they thought were already on the market! A pioneer of virtual imagery applied to product design, ORA-ÏTO had created a style and a prestige image label before even manufacturing a single product.

Pursuing the objective of developing a generalist label for design, ORA-ÏTO began simultaneously to create for labels in many different sectors. Functioning as a multi-disciplinary creation studio, ORA-ÏTO worked around four main poles: design, architecture, multimedia and communication. The four poles constitute a global approach that ranges over the different spheres of creation.

ORA-ÏTO also designs and produces consumer products in many different sectors that include advertising, layout of commercial spaces, and web sites.

pirating of i-mac Apple Hack-Mac

architecture, scenography & ethics guide for a virtual concept-store Concept-Store - Mode d'emploi

design & interior architecture of a G-shaped villa Villa Gucci

graphics 10000Hz legend / groupe AIR

design of a spray bottle for perfumed oxygen OGO

bottle Heineken 100% alu

easy chair Petal

apartment swing Swing-Pod

storage system Tetris furniture system

design & interior layout of a de luxe mobile-home La roulotte

design, interior architecture & visual identity of a club-restaurant Cab