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Contact : 21 bis, rue des écoles 94140 Alfortville - France

Ph. 06 10 97 12 51
environmental designer

Working between designer art and zany sculpture, Noart shapes his works using taps, pipes and manometers. An authentic tribute to the industrial world.

Ever since his childhood, Noart has been fascinated by machines - his productions today attempt to recreate a world of imaginary metal artefacts that give pride of place to ’the hand of man’. His artist’s eye seeks aesthetics in industrial themes. ’For me, a trace of damp on a tile in the métro is synonymous with beauty’. His first work was in fact a photo report of details from rusted and ruined walls.
Since then his sculptures have seized on materials to become volume objects with three dimensions.

Tables, chairs, mirrors and even lamps, he sees his art works as pieces that serve as an ’alibi’. His preference is for ’fine’ materials: copper, brass and zinc, much of which is recycled scrap.
Sketches and computer designs precede the shaping of metal into forms animated by taps, signs and all kinds of animated fragments in movement.
In the past ten years. Noart has explored his ’Jules Verne’ sources of inspiration in his Alfortville studio.

A creator of art works and of crossovers, Noart is an artist who draws continual inspiration from the outside world and often works with ’group energy’.

interior layout studios Blue Sound - Levallois-Perret

interior layout Zango bar - Paris 14

bureau Sat

bar Instant T

mirror 25

table Tribale

insulated lamp E 32

picture Ouverture interdite

sculpture Aristarchus

stools 2 BAR

low table 23