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Contact : 15, rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris - France

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environmental designer, scenographer, visual designer

Dynamic and smiling full of fun, Marie-Gabrielle Verdoni integrates design to the art of living. Working with Pied à coulisse, a group of independent designers, she develops projects for product design, scenography and graphics. For her, there are no borders, objects need graphic writing just as the layout of space depends on input from two poles, volume and graphic identity.
Conscious as she is that an object is destined to a market, and that a product is only real once it is made, she follows up all her creations. ‘A production is always an adventure, you always come up against problems that you have to respond to, and each time it’s a means of gaining deeper knowledge’.
For her, design is a means towards an end, a state of mind that enables a designer to create objects that are unlike others. Attentive to the simple and practical function of a product, she imagines it as it will be used by a person. She imagines the movements and the life around the object. ‘I put the object into these different contexts: starting with the store where it is on display, I see it living in a wrapper, between four hands, on a table, used ten times a day, around other pieces of furniture, given as a gift, three years later, stuck away in a cupboard, thrown out with the rubbish, on a bric-à-brac dealer’s stand,… The object is alive and the more people there are to appropriate it, the more it finds an echo.’
Working on scenography projects, inside and outside, she would like to develop nature itineraries and to work with objects in the landscape. In each project, she comes up against specific questions, she knows how to enlist the diverse skills she needs and to form teams. She is adept at organizing multi-disciplinary projects with poetry and precision, and at finding solutions to the toughest problems.

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signage lighting J'aime tes yeux la nuit

cocktail accessory Plate

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lamp Séléna : confrontation avec l'Inde

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scenography & shelter Un verger pour ma pomme