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VIA Gallery

120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

Opening :

monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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Contact : 5 Boulevard Douville 35400 Saint-Malo - France

Ph. 02 99 19 66 61
environmental designer, interior architect, industrial designer, scenographer

alkmdesign is an agency working in design, interior architecture and space management, in particular the layout of professional workspaces. Our main activity is creating and arranging spaces for everyday living, in the private sphere and the professional world, always in movement and evolution.

> Design: Working between art, technology, economy and sociology, the designer conceives of innovative products, proposes new concepts and responds to defined needs - creating that subtle and specific link between form, meaning, colour, matter and function.

> Interior architecture: This is rational and poetic work that brings into play and inter-relates space, light, colour, furniture, objects and identities.
It entails creating functional places that touch people and accompany the occupant in every instant.

> Space management: Is the methodical arrangement of work spaces. It responds to the precise and detailed study of a firm’s human structure and available architectural space.
The intelligent use of floorspace determines the vital space needed by each individual to accomplish his or her task with the best share-out of comfort and function.

St Malo house Solidor
© V. Martiniot

St Malo flat Solidor
© X. Scheuikmann

St Malo loft le Sillon
© X. Scheuikmann

suspension & table Sat
© alkmdesign

lamp MarieJeanne
© X. Schneinkmann

glass Jules
© X. Schneinkmann

vases Jules
© X. Schneinkmann

sofa Waldo
© X. Schneinkmann

layout of reception & creation of furniture Domaine des Ormes
© X. Schneinkmann

layout of Pro Shop for golfers, creation of furniture Domaine des Ormes
© X. Schneinkmann

malleable lamp molly
© alkmdesign

all-purpose lamp bilbo
© alkmdesign

wall CD rack giri
© alkmdesign

wall modular CD rack musical
© alkmdesign