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industrial designer

Roger Tallon not only introduced industrial design in France in the mid-50s, but also (and more importantly) changed its definition. This is why, after training as an engineer, he made his début working for a big American firm, General Motors. In the 60s he designed a cult-object: the Téléavia portable TV set.
The design practised (and taught) by Tallon is not limited to the conception of objects. It also deals with communication systems (signage for the RER and the SNCF, directories for Télécom...) and environments (the prowess of the TGV is not simply in the handsome ’nose’ of its locomotive, but in the atmosphere of its "salons"). Perhaps it is because Tallon has been the friend of artists (Yves Klein, César, ...), whose utopias he has helped give form to, that he has always engaged in experimental research, and that his design is in fact a culture that manages to bring together functional imperatives and a playful spirit. The Lip watch, for instance, hangs like a kind of toy from the wrist of modern people, keeping time for them, but also freeing them a little from its passing? So much so that Roger Tallon, while he is the inventor of a rigorous design, is in no way a temple guardian. One of his most recent works is the new Météor Parisian metro, which has no driver and separations between the wagons. Like its users, Tallon has already got on the train, in front, and is amusing himself by peering into the unknown space opening ahead of him.
Catherine Millet.

TGV train Duplex

Parisian metro Météor

TV set Téléavia

3rd millennium trophy Chrono-Pyramidion

glasses aphrosolite

pouffe Oryptogamme

wrist watch Chrono



rocket Space Rocket

marine construction system for yachts Alligator

marine construction system for yachts Alligator