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François CONFINO

Contact : Hameau de Beth 30580 Lussan - France

Ph. 04 66 72 93 26 / 06 16 29 25 33
First cry of Helvetic enthusiasm. Antimilitarist by birth, he manages to just miss the war and comes into world in neutral territory.

1963 - 68
After a childhood spent designing cars so as to join Pininfarina, he trained at the Zurich Polytechnic.

Birth of his future associate, Raphaël, who took his name by solidarity.

1971 - 76
Zurich diploma in one hand, 16 mm Bolex Paillard in the other, he rowed to New-York to un-learn architecture and build a few utopian outpourings.

1973 - 75
On a cinematographic mode, he taught at Columbia everything he had un-learnt.

First and last trip across the United States on roller skates.

From New York, with the Haus-Rucker group, launched from the other side of the Atlantic ’Archaeology of the City’ an explosive first exhibition the sulphurous traces of which archaeologists of the future will one day find in the ruins of the Pompidou Centre.
Attracted by the quake of the "explosition", he came to Paris to check out the damage and set up there. Learnt to be an architect again.

1978 - 84
After this event, he began the reconstruction of territory but far from the capital, in the Gard countryside. From one lost competition to another, he got to know the wonderful profession that his kids wouldn’t touch for anything in the world.

1984 - 87
Seizes the opportunity to un-learn architecture once and for all by building an ephemeral and illusory city: Cités-Cinés.

February 1992
His illusions acquired in the course of exhibitions went up in smoke with the fire in the Pavilion of Discoveries at Séville.

March 1992
A car catches fire.

September 1992
A second car catches fire...

1st April 1993
God, who hasn’t got a sense of humour, sent down a metre of snow for the opening of the Musée de l’humour in Montréal.

The terrorists, who haven’t got a sense of humour either, bring down the crowds attending Cités-Cinés 2. The Confino office ceases to be...

Birth of Confino & Co, in association with the future associate. Projects come pouring in, the fire of creation flares up again.

Birth of AlphaBeth, subsidiary of Confino & Co.
The hamlet of Beth, 20 km from the first little town, becomes a hideout for universal machinations. François Confino is happy.

Exhibition set design - Paris, Ghent, Montréal CITÉS-CINÉS

Exhibition set design LE TRAIN DU CINÉMA

Set design - Musée de Montréal HISTOIRES DRÔLES

Exhibition set design - Tokyo L’ATHLÈTE DANS LES ÉTOILES

Set design - Bougon MUSÉE NÉOLITHIQUE

Parade-show PARIS LIBÉRÉ

Exhibition set design - Tokyo CINÉMA AVENUE

Exhibition set design - Tokyo UN VOYAGE AU PAYS DES MERVEILLES

Set design - world fair - Lisbon PAVILLON DE L'UTOPIE

Museum - Honfleur MAISON SATIE