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120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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Bénédicte OLLIER

Contact : 8, passage Driancourt 75012 Paris - France

Ph. 01 40 19 98 81 / 06 15 18 88 26
Project Assistance : 1990
environmental designer, interior architect

From the design of an industrial object to the global design of a building, from research on façade materials to the choice of ingredients for untreated concrete, and from the layout of work or reception areas to the design of signage and furniture ranges, my approach always addresses form, space and matter. The approach is similar whether it be an object or a building. Even if each project is different by its programme, dimensions and its lasting or ephemeral spirit, it is important to listen to the ’object’ as its gestation advances, granting it a certain independence. This is how it arrives at the right tone, on its own... Sometimes it is matter that is most important, sometimes it is form, colour or function. The strong, initiating idea then takes on its full breadth. The success of the final ’object’ depends on all these things, but each time in different proportions. The cake has to be delicious but no one should be able to guess the recipe.

entrance lobby - Cristal tower - Paris 15 Porte Monumentale
© Guy Bez

phone booth - Palais des Congrès - Rheims

lobby reception counter (detail), congress centre, Rheims © M. Pignata Monti

bus shelter - phone booth © J.L. Signamarcheix

700-seat auditorium - Palais des congrés, Rheims © M. Pignata Monti

cupboard doorknobs © J.L. Signamarcheix

display panel © J.L. Signamarcheix

revolutionary chair © J.L. Signamarcheix

stool Milou
© J.L. Signamarcheix

lamp Balladeuse
© Xavier Perrot