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sculptor goldsmith

Goldsmith work is a thankless art; the world has turned its back on it for too long. And yet, among the practitioners of this art is one of the most singular figures of our day: Goudji. Like Benvenuto Cellini, Goudji does not just create beautiful things: he gives form to beauty. The enthusiasm he expends in bringing his material to serve the most elementary movements of the soul sets him apart as someone unique. He is unclassifiable. Is he modern or archaic? The argument is pointless. Whatever the case, one thing is sure: Goudji pushes his art to the limits, just as he was born on the limits of the Western world. His alchemy works with the gold of time. Even in his non-religious pieces, his work addresses eternity. Ugliness is what dies. Goudji is passionately involved with the superior style of form, he creates beauty that bursts from life in every direction; form that arises from beauty. The religious function of art enables people to forget what is perishable. When we see Goudji’s works, we are reminded of Dostoïevsky’s words: beauty will save the world.
L’Age d’Or selon Goudji by Stéphane Barsacq

ambon of Luçon cathedral

candlestick Le Sagitaire lampadophore

candlestick La Biche de lumière

candlestick Le Sagitaire lampadophore cabré

dish Navette à l'antilope toute retournée

chest Custode - Capridé aux cornes d'agathe

candle shield Couronne céleste pour un saint oiseleur

dish Bassin bleu aux fenêtres paysagé d'agathe

water ladle Puisette à la chasse du lion