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Contact : 27, rue Bruant 75013 Paris - France

Ph. 01 45 86 75 75
environmental designer, scenographer, museum layout designer

For Alain Batifoulier, born in 1943, life is like an imaginary theatre whose stage he walks up and down on. Although he has designed over 120 theatre sets, he has never settled into a single style. Minimalist, baroque and outsize with Daniel Mesguich; gold-hued, refined, sombre and monochrome or hyper-realist with Marcel Maréchal. In dance, colours explode in movement, in correspondence to the musical score. Hundreds of costumes for speaking players or lyrical scenes. Don’t look for a face in Alain Batifoulier’s work. It’s the face of tomorrow. A different kind of creation. In the course of his travels, he finds clues leading in new directions. It was the Musée en Herbe that enticed him to work in other fields than the theatre: design, museum layout, exhibitions, whatever the techniques may be. Alain Batifoulier holds to the architecture of spaces and forms; to the dynamics of colours. Set design that is easily understood reveals the players, situations and ideas, reconciling, distorting memory and tradition in a kaleidoscope of meaning. Abolition of time, telescoping of materials, invitation to penetrate into worlds in perpetual evolution. Give the impression that a scenario, an itinerary plunges us into something ephemeral that we feel we have always known.

rest bench

reception furniture Salle du carré des fouilles

Life in the caves Salle des dioramas

Musée de Pont-à-Mousson (Meurthe et Moselle) Au fil du papier

Musée de la Nature et de la Chasse deThuir Salle des oiseaux

Musée de Deneuvre (Meurthe et Moselle) Les Sources d'Hercule

set design - Paris La Villette forum "Lecture Ecriture"

Musée en Herbe - Paris Soies de Chines. Soies Câlines

reception hall - Hôtel de Ville de Paris Exposition Jean Cocteau et le Mystère

Grenier à sel - Honfleur (Calvados) Exposition Eugène Boudin