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Contact : 8, rue Antoine Panier 93170 Bagnolet - France

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environmental designer, redecorator, scenographer

Hilton Mc Connico was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1943. He is a man of many talents: painter, decorator, photographer, scenographer, designer and film maker. After setting up in Paris in 1965 he designed for several famous Parisian fashion houses before moving into set design for motion pictures. He did the sets for such well-known movies as "Diva" and "La lune dans le caniveau" by Jean-Jacques Beinex (the latter won the César for Best Décor at Cannes in 1983), ’Vivement dimanche" by François Truffaut, and twenty or so others.
Mc Connico’s rich imagination is steeped in magic and poetry, the same qualities we see in the objects he designs for our daily environment. Many of his creations (like the Cactus collection for Daum, or his rugs for Toulemonde Bochart)are now part of the standing collections of famous museums all over the world. His exhibition design, in particular for the French label Hermès, has earned him the reputation of being one of the most gifted all-round artists of his generation.

table Wink

set design for Jean-Jacques Beineix's film Diva

bed Voyageur

set design for hermès "J'ai 22 millions d'années. Qui suis-je?"
© P.A. Decraene

set design for hermès do ré mi...
© P.A. Decraene

armchair H
© P. Burban

candlesticks Saturnales

bottles Day

dish Paradox
© D. L'Honorey

restaurant reception bar, 5th floor, La Samaritaine - Paris Toupary
© P. Burban

lamp Lance

rug Pimiento

wardrobe Hommage à un boxeur déchu
© P. Burban

dish Nevada

glass Olive's Up

set design for Gitanes on gypsy theme - Paris Variations Gitanes

painting Young Ethiopian Princess