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Emmanuel RAZY

Contact : 67, rue Villiers de L'isle Adam 75020 Paris - France

Ph. 09 81 32 27 13 / 06 60 43 92 18
environmental designer, architect, interior architect

Research into the wood trades, the knowledge of styles and their application and a short period at the École des Beaux-Arts gave me a new vision of furniture. At the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, my approach moved to reflexion, design and rendering. I am most concerned with making the object live, with making it look alive. A profile or a silhouette that express potential movement, contrasting colours, sidetracked materials and discreet zoomorphic details all help me to progess in my work. I want the object to live so that it will communicate with its user, responding to his or her interventions and needs. I capitalize on the flexibility of materials, using overhangs wherever possible and bringing suppleness into play. I also include aids to mobility such as hand-holds or rollers, and openwork that animates the piece (in drawers, door uprights, etc.). My work also aims at creating emotion, like a person amidst a décor - the exact opposite of the cold, immobile object of the contemporary world.

kitchen layout

window grill

chair Chèvre à cylindre

desk Carton écrasé

book case Etranglée

CD rack Accordéon

table Table animale

chest of drawers Défoncée

hotel writing desk Burlamp

chair Insecte

desk Art déco