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VIA Gallery

120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

Opening :

monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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Contact : Sarphatistraat 44H 1018 GN Amsterdam - Pays-Bas

Ph. 00 (31) 20 620 69 04
Project Assistance : 1993
environmental designer, redecorator, scenographer, textile designer

Petr Vadura is passionately interested in work on form and material. He exercises his designer’s thought in a number of domains: textiles, furniture, objects. Whether his creations are personal or turned towards industrial and commercial realities, he always attempts to give them a distinctive mark, which tends towards clarity and precision. For him, aesthetic feeling lies in the immediately perceptible balance of volumes and lines, which are often reduced to the essential but which do not rule out originality and innovation.

bowls Mondo, Santa Cruz and Night & Day

cocktail, long drink, wisky bar set Atlantic
© J. Kvíz

vase Lampion

vase Moïra
© J. Zvolanek

vase (detail of décor, optical effects) Moïra
© J. Zvolanek

sparkling wine glasses Beatrix & London

vase Eole

set of luxury glasses Vera
© J. Kvíz

vase Milano

collections of decorative objects Ceska & Tabor

vase, container & ashtray with cover Prague

set of drinking glasses Aria

vase Danaé

vase Water Music

bowl, small vase Lago Di Garda

bowl Alice

vase All the Jazz

vase Sakura

vase Memories 6

vase Memories 4

vase Isis

vase Isis

vase Horus

vase Horus

vase Sun

bowl Carlsbad

bowl Carlsbad

vase Le rayon vert

vase Le rayon vert

set of glasses and tumblers Symphonie

vase Gaïa

vase Djambé

flask eau de Saint Louis, édition 2000

vase Buddha

vase & bowl Gatsby

bathroom concept © I. Kopicova

daybed collection Italiques

canopy bed Esterel de la collection Italiques
© Printemps "Toutes les couleurs du blanc"1993

console & stool collection Paloma
© Figaro

console & low table Antilope

Belvedere collection stand