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Stéphane MAUPIN

Contact : 171, rue de la Convention 75015 Paris - France

Ph. +33 (0)1 44 26 06 25 / +33 (0)6 07 21 11 65
Project Assistance : 2010
architect, industrial designer, scenographer, teacher

Stéphane Maupin is a qualified architect (DPLG) and graduated from the UPMC,currently teaching at the Ecole Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Val de Seine.

After taking a Master of Architecture degree at SCI-Arc Los Angeles, he set up in Japan on a Villa Médicis Hors les murs scholarship. When he came back to France he did a 3 year stint for Philippe Starck.

He left that job to design ‘la maison des métamorphoses’ for the millennium festivities in the year 2000, after which he spent a year in Brazil setting up the ’Parade’ exhibition at the Oca, a museum designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

In 2003 he set up an office with his colleague Nicolas Hugon. They designed the TOKYOEAT restaurant at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and with Pascal Cribier made a submission in the Pompidou Centre Metz competition. Their project came in second behind that of the accursed triumvirate led by the famous Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.

Their office works in a wide range of fields: design, scenography, town planning (bathtub with candles for Lafayette Maison, waste receptacle for City of Paris, scenography for Fondation Cartier), including offbeat and exceptional projects:
- Façade envelope for the île Seguin,
- Installation of the inaugural exhibition « D’un regard, l’Autre » at the Musée du Quai Branly opening
- Competition for the Centre des Archives Nationales at Pierrefite
- Competition for the Carreau des Halles in Paris

solar-powered moveable interior lamp Saint Clair
© Marie Flores

moveable lamp with variable light intensity Boule Dog
© Stéphane Maupin

moveable interior lamp Meu
© Stéphane Maupin

chair G7
© Stéphane Maupin

kitchen piece Tretôt
© Stéphane Maupin & Grégoire Diehl

shelving system TréHo
© Stéphane Maupin

key ring missile Boom
© Stéphane Maupin

ashtray SergentMOP
© Stéphane Maupin

bathtub with candles Begne
© Stéphane Maupin & Nicolas Hugon

mobile gas barbecue, mounted on caterpillar tracks restaurant Kuit-Kat
© Stéphane Maupin

public fountain Sharpwater
© Stéphane Maupin

show window Marlene
© Stéphane Maupin & Nicolas Hugon

building for museum, bookshop, auditorium Bodo
© Stéphane Maupin

building with 30 flats Nicae
© Stéphane Maupin & Nicolas Hugon

maintenance building for RATP (Paris Transit Authority) Yellow (submarine)
© Stéphane Maupin

National Archives Centre Can
© Stéphane Maupin & Nicolas Hugon