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environmental designer, visual designer

Antoine + Manuel is a graphics and design creation studio set up in Paris since 1993 by Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz. Their trademark is lively curiosity and willingness to work on varied themes with an original and innovative approach. Both partners have their own specific and personal modes of visual expression, which they apply either singly or in combinations.
Working close to contemporary art, which they discovered when they were still students, they worked for gallery-owner Yvon Lambert, for his collection at Avignon in 2000. As early as 1996 they began collaborating in numerous exhibitions: at the museum of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the Pompidou Centre, the musée des Arts decoratifs, the musée d’Art moderne of the City of Paris, the Printemps department store in Cahors, etc.
In haute couture fashion, they worked with Hedi Slimane for Yves Saint Laurent, and in 2002 developed refined models for de luxe print fabrics for Christian Lacroix.
In dance, in 2001 they invented a new language that broke radically with conventions in the world of live spectacle. Drawing inspiration from typographic ligatures, which they ramified in arborescence, they created labyrinthine sequences. This research, in tandem with the CCNT (Centre chorégraphique national de Tours) came to term in 2003 but has extended in many variations since then (Galeries Lafayette in 2004, RATP and Larousse in 2006…).
In 2004 they began collaborating with another dance troupe, the Centre national de danse contemporaine in Angers, developing a blend of unusual vocabularies which put them in an intimate relationship with the public.
In theatre, they collaborated with the Theâtre national de Dijon for four years (1996-2000). In 2003, they invented the visual identity of the Comédie de Clermont, based on illustrations of their gouache drawings, pen sketches and collages.
Since their début they have also been active in furniture design, producing pieces that feature appliqué details in anodized aluminium, and which intimately combine volume and graphics. This line of research has also found expression in installations and interior layouts. In 2000 they created a modular carpet for Tarkett, and in 2003, for Habitat, a new kind of décor using vinyl decals.
Their sophisticated graphics crossed over to volume with their sculpture in Corian entitled ‘Revolutions’ for Lafayette Maison, for whom they have also created many murals and mosaics.
In interior design, since 2005 they have decorated rooms at the Fox Hotel in Copenhagen, launched a range of vinyls for Domestic, and undertaken many other projects outside of France.
In 2007, in the framework of the Designers Days event, Antoine + Manuel presented a line of furniture at Lafayette Maison using laser cuts, moving between graphics and design. Everyday objects - mirrors, chair, table, lamp – were revisited, each element becoming ‘landscape’.
From January to April 2009, the musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris gave Antoine + Manuel ‘carte blanche’ to exhibit in and transform seven rooms in their galleries, for which they recreated worlds that were in turn private, professional and emotional. Visitors not only discovered their works but also entered into the atmosphere of their studio to see the influences that inform their work. There were two galleries for drawing and another for typography; a room in which graphics became object; a bedroom; a furniture room, and a monument space. Each room had its own specific scenography, creating the idea of seven exhibitions in one.
They presented their first independent furniture collection at Milan in April 2009, with BD Ediciones.

Group exhibitions (selection)

• Private collection -Tarkett, hôtel de Bondeville, Paris
‘Racingtrack’, modular carpet

• 2D/3D-Furniture fair, BETC, Paris
• Vynil, Habitat Pont-Neuf, Paris
‘Forêt’, black vinyl transfer decal on glass

• ‘Sous-bois’ (mosaic), ‘Revolutions’ (installation in Corian), ‘Am’dam’ and ‘F’Burg’ (murals), Lafayette Maison, Paris (still in place)

• ‘Spare’, ‘Chance’, ‘Shortcut’, wallpaper, murals, carpet, curtains, bed-spreads, mirrors, small furniture, rooms 124, 209, 406, Fox Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark (still in place)

• ‘Domestic : ‘Possession’, Espace Modem, Paris
• Designers’ Days Lafayette Maison, Paris
• Wallpaper: the inner skin, 30 June-5 November 2006, Galerie Blanche, Unité d’habitation Le Corbusier, Briey, France
• ‘Domestic’ chez Colette,
28 August-30 September 2006, Colette, Paris

• Domestic at Espace Modem, Paris, January 2007
• Happy Living, Museum of Tomorrow, 22 March-17 May 2007, Taipei, Taiwan
• The Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta, USA, murals and animations video (still in place)

• Design Matters, 21/21, New York, February 2008
• Wallpaper Lab, musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris, 3 October 2008-11 January 2009

Solo exhibitions

• Paysage, Designer’s Days-Lafayette Maison, Paris,
15-25 June 2007

• Antoine+Manuel,
graphic artist and designer,
musée des Arts decoratifs, Paris, 15 January-12 April 2009


• Antoine+Manuel, Ed. Pyramyd,. design&designer series, Paris, 2005
• Antoine+Manuel Compilation, vol.1, Antoine+Manuel editions, 240 pages, ISBN 978-2-9533585-0-6, Paris, 2009


• ‘Racingtrack’ —modular carpet, Tarkett 2001/Enia carpets
• ‘Forêt’ — mural decals, Vynil collection, Habitat, Paris, 2003
• ‘Tree’, ‘Incarnation’, ‘Possession’, ‘Waterfalls’, ‘Hybrid’, ‘Hybrid South’, ‘Love’, ‘Narcisse et Télégone’, ‘Palace’, ‘Mini pompom’, ‘Genetic’ — mural decals, Vynil collection, Domestic, Paris, 2005-2007
• ‘Forêt’, ‘Troy’ — mural decals, Vynil Luxe collection, Domestic, Paris, 2006
• ‘Coll.’, ‘Pot’ —porcelain vases, Surfaces collection, Domestic, Paris, 2006
• ‘Construction’ — wallpaper, Elitis, Paris, 2006
• ‘Paysage’ —series furniture, Edith, Paris, 2007 (Falaise, La France, Millefeuille)
• ‘Edgeog’, ‘Brainteaser’ — small furniture (stand-in table, small shelves), 1,2,3 furniture collection, Domestic, Paris, 2007
‘Landscape’ mirror, Narcisse coll., Domestic, Paris 2007
‘Palette’ set de 2 plates,. Surface 02 coll, Domestic, Paris, 2007
• ‘I Have a Dream, 1963’, Helvetica 50 — poster 50x50, edition of 50 copies.,
• ‘Liteboxes’, lamps, ‘Cabinet’, collector’s cabinet, 21st/21st edition, New York, 2008
• Sideboard, BD Ediciones, Barcelona, 2009

sideboard © BD Ediciones

© 21-21 Gallery

© Antoine+Manuel

lamp LiteBox 1
© Antoine+Manuel

shelf Brainteaser
© Antoine+Manuel

sidetable Edgeog
© Antoine+Manuel

(Hôtel Fox, Copenhague, Danemark) Chance
© Antoine+Manuel

shelf Falaise
© Antoine+Manuel

coffee table La France
© Antoine+Manuel

chest or shelf prototype Millefeuille
© Antoine+Manuel

chest of drawers Possession
© D. Schweizer

installation Revolutions
© Antoine+Manuel

wallpaper Possession
© Antoine+Manuel

carpet Racing Track
© C. Fillioux