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Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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Renaud THIRY

Contact : 8, place Chabanne, Ile St Germain 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux - France

Ph. +33 (0)9 52 96 36 05
Project Assistance : 2009, 2011, 2012
environmental designer, industrial designer, scenographer, teacher

Rather than being enclosed in it, the idea is more than its external realisation, and it is this inadequacy of the idea to the precision of the external manifestation that it goes beyond which constitutes the general character of the sublime ". Hegel, Aesthetics.
Objects are tending to lose their substance, what with the increasingly frequent insistence on the use of signs to represent them, and the application of a written text to enable people to understand them.
My approach to work is the opposite of this. I have recourse to the archaic foundations of objects, investigating their formal potential, their symbolism and the extension of their usage.
The concrete translation of my ideas finds expression in the use of a minimum of material, and in the simplification of concepts that reinforce the idea.
What I am trying to say to people in my pieces is simply that they should not efface their past and their references, whether they be individual or collective.
I think designers should be at the heart of industrial production, even if it restricts their power of action, what with the number of firms in civil society. That is where their work can be beneficial, with every little act adding up.

lamp Arche
© Marie Flores

lamp Arche
© Marie Flores

low table Rotor
© Marie Flores

low table Rotor
© Marie Flores

low table Rotor
© Marie Flores

suspension Corniche (modèle 1)
© Marie Flores

suspension Corniche (modèle 2)
© Marie Flores

suspension Corniche (modèle 3)
© Marie Flores

light programme Kikomo

fruit baskets Baskettini

candle Minuit
© V. Huyghe

breakable candles © M. Le Gall

light programme

sculpture kit de poignées de portes
© B. Scotti


chair Sven

pedestal table Doubledecker
© C. Debise

outdoor armchair Land
© C. Debise

table Shell
© V. Huyghe

umbrella stand Leda

bracket lamp Chandelier


boxes, fruit plateau, odds and ends\ash tray, jug & lamps Collection Vallauris

fruit baskets Hémisphères
© R. Thiry

scenography Showroom Kvadrat

Vers de nouveaux modèles d’habitation

reversible single flower vase upside down
© Bernard Matussière

pedestal table with mobile plateau T
© C. Fillioux

lamp Jour de fête

lamp Jour de fête

reading lamp libris