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environmental designer

After five working in communication and marketing, in April 2005 I decided to live my passion: the design of an object.
I had noticed that there was a need for a piece of furniture that could adapt to all kinds of situations, so I began preliminary research on a polymorphous piece [i.e. having many shapes]. My attention soon focused on an object that is absolutely necessary in any domestic environment: the table.
Since I had decided to break out of conventions, my tables reconfigured to suit needs. I had no scruples in turning them around in every direction, playing on interlocking parts and presenting innovative designs suited to modern-day apartments, in which space-saving is vital.
They folded out and in, could be made higher or lower, and adjusted to all kinds of everyday situations. The ideal table – a coffee table that could turn into a dining room table in just a few seconds.

In parallel to my activity as a designer, from October 2005 to June 2006, I conducted a series of workshops for students et the Institut Supérieur de Design in Valenciennes. We worked on everyday objects, analysing the differences between the object and its function. Since needs tend to evolve faster than the functionality of the objects we use, things have to be constantly updated.

Following my selection for the Maison & Objet event «Tremplins Jeunes Designers 2007», I was invited to exhibit 5 models of my tables.
To market these tables, the « La Table Polymorphe » was set up.

In January 2008, their marketing was launched at the Maison & Objet trade fair, with the definitive version of each model.

Thanks to the makers interested by the design and functionality of my pieces, I am now working for several firms, producing models that they include in their collections.

table - adjustable height & size of top Flower
© DR

table - adjustable height with built in seat & storage units In out
© DR

table - adjustable height & size of top Reverso
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