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Jean-Louis FRECHIN

Contact : No Design - 12, passage Turquetil 75011 Paris - France

Ph. +33 (0)9 51 71 64 26
Project Assistance : 2012
'Carte Blanche' grants : 2008
digital product and services design

Jean-Louis Fréchin is a DPLG architect and a graduate of the ENSCI. In 1989 he left France to work at the INESC, a computer research institute in Lisbon. There he discovered the fertility of drawing together design and computer science. On his return to Paris, he set up a global design partnership with Stéphane Bureaux, handling many industrial and cultural projects. In 1995, he joined the publishers Montparnasse Multimedia to take part in the adventure of producing quality multimedia titles. His work is always based on the idea of global design and aims at making an intrinsic link between content, interactive design and technology – at creating meaning. Many of his creations have won prizes: notably series like « Les petits débrouillards », « La Terre merveilleuse », « L’histoire de l’aviation », « Le Louvre, Collections et palais », « La Résistance », etc. In 2001 he set up NoDesign, a digital design office specializing in creation, innovation and strategic thinking for information and communication technologies, interactions and user experiences in digital, industrial and cultural projects. A recognized front-runner in digital design, he is also a consultant for firms in new fields: innovation by design, advanced technologies, innovation strategy.
Founder and head of the Digital design studio at the ENSCI / les Ateliers in Paris in 1998, it is there that he passes on his experience, culture, insatiable curiosity and ‘project’ method.
For him, design is a state, a prism for understanding and questioning the world. New challenges, new territories, attempting to enlarge the ‘scope of what is possible’ and ‘desirable’, without losing the basic values of design; meaning, simplicity, emotion, and above all human endeavour.
VIA Carte Blanche grant :

light fitting Waelice
© Marie Flores

light fitting Waelice
© Marie Flores

light fitting Waelice
© Marie Flores

light fitting Waelice
© Marie Flores

variable 3D lighting suspension lamp Wanetlight M
© Marie Flores

door-screen WaDoor UP
© Marie Flores

modular shelf / luminous digital object WaSnake ELA
© Marie Flores

shelf / music player Waaz AL
© Marie Flores

duo of ‘chrono-pictographic’ frames Wapix YJMM
© Marie Flores