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environmental designer, industrial designer, scenographer, visual designer

Fred Lambert & Michelle Gubser

After graduating in 1997 from the ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, Switzerland), Fred Lambert began working for L-design, with Pippo Lionni and Arik Lévy. His first projects, which revolved around fashion, de luxe accessories and furniture, taught him the importance of ‘label codes’, which he integrated and reinterpreted with his own creative sensitivity - simple, restrained and prospective.
In the year 2000 he set up as an independent designer and began to concentrate on furniture, pursuing personal research, such as his ‘Light Cell’ project selected by VIA while handling commissions from de luxe labels (Givenchy, Issey Miyake, Paco Rabanne, Rado) and prestige makers (Ligne Roset, Spirit). Traditional materials (glass, metal, porcelain) and transparency effects increasingly structure his work, informed by his masterly use of industrial design techniques to push materials and their applications to the limit. He does not sidetrack technical processes as an alibi for creation but exploits the technical qualities of a material if it provides a solution to his problems. The role of the object in space, its capacity to enhance a place without dominating it are the things that inform his ‘manner’. Accordingly, his pieces are transformable, open-ended, geometrically pure, symmetrical and aerial.
In 2006, his interest in spatial design was confirmed when after five years of collaboration with graphic artist Michelle Gubser they founded the ær studio. Their projects (the Bussigny town hall in Switzerland, the itinerant exhibition ‘La rue est à nous… tous !’ etc.) concern signage and scenography and confirm the transversal links between image, volume and space that are the federating elements of Fred Lambert’s work today.

graphic artist
In 1997, when Michelle Gubser set up in Paris after graduating from the ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, Switzerland), she began working with Intégral Ruedi Baur & Associates. There she penetrated the domain of cultural projects and experienced the graphic freedom that they enable. She also learnt how to bring together people and skills, how to play with imagery, signs, music and design to address ambitious projects such as Expo.02 (Swiss national exhibition).
When she turned independent in 2002, Michelle Gubser continued working on cultural projects outside of France (Switzerland, Japan, Morocco) and began teaching. In 2006, her five-year long collaboration with Fred Lambert led to the birth of the ær studio.
Michelle Gubser likes to cross over fields of creation, opening up the graphic arts to find new guidelines. Transversality federates her work more and more, in the manner of the cultural communication project she did for the general council of the Eure-et-Loir department in 2006, or her more recent communication, publication and scenography work for ‘La rue est à nous… tous !’, an itinerant exhibition that will run four years after opening in Paris this April.
A graphic artist with a concise style based on archetypal forms, Michelle Gubser searches for the nascent movement and mutation in still images, the line of force, the right colour. She never indulges in ornament or accumulated effects. Her creative approach, which proceeds between matter and image, aims at outlining visualization, an intuition that she works up towards abstraction.

signage layout for boutique (300 m²) 107RIVOLI
© V. Abad

scenography for itinerant exhibition (650 m²) La rue est à nous… tous !
© V. Abad

communication for itinerant exhibition La rue est à nous… tous !

signage intra & extra muros (3 600 m²) Hôtel de Ville et Grande Salle de Bussigny

signage charter (40 ha) Complexe portuaire Tanger-Med

communication for park and château de La Ferté-Vidame Mémoires ouvertes

signage & recommendations for enhancement of space (600 m²) Centre national des Arts Plastiques (CNAP)

scenography for temporary exhibition (400 m²) Nice paysages en mouvement