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environmental designer, textile designer

Stéphanie Marin was born in Marseille in 1973 and lives in Nice.
In 1990 she began creating with textiles. She filtered and recycled materials, collected and revived old clothes.
She launched the ‘Habits Magiques’ line from her studio in Nice. It was a big success ! A natural world where timeless and new forms appeared in luminous colours, with an inimitable simplicity and geometry. Her universe is natural, anti-conformist and playful.
In 2004 she moved into the sphere of habitat. Apprehending alternative ways of living in space and moving about in contemporary interiors, she created the ‘livingstones’: metaphor objects that are useful and beautiful for new living spaces.
Turning interior space into an imaginary landscape, the intimate territory of our invisible journeys.

An atelier in Nice, independent French production in the top-of-the-range bracket where added value signifies creativity and quality.
An eco-label table and cushions in naturally dyed pure virgin wool form a contemporary décor with aesthetics inspired by nature: thought articulated around our relationship to the environment, the need to bear these things in mind and experiment with movement in nature. Each year since 2004 smarin produces a set of objects for the home each element of which may be used on its own: soft forms, simple lines that come together and superpose endlessly. Euphoria and lightness in furnishing. A child-like creativity and a commitment to design that borders on art.

Working out of her research and creation studio for textiles in Nice, in 2004 Stephanie Marin decided to start laying out interiors and invented the ‘livingstones’ - stone-shaped cushions.
The first version - an assortment of 9 cushions with complementary forms and volumes and carefully developed ergonomics - offered one of the most extravagant rest beaches ever seen. In 2005 came the ‘livingstones sofas’ – giant Zen-like furnishing-rocks designed to offer evasion to TV viewers.
2006 saw the coming of the “neo livingstones’ which formed shoreline dreamscapes suitable for gardens, terraces or pool sides.
In 2007, with sidetracking and mobility in mind, Stephanie created the ‘mobileshadows’, an installation of moving shadows in linen or silk, to be hung as a curtain or a space separator. What could be more natural than clouds to filter light?
Her new project in development is for a set of polymorphous low tables known as ‘livingsland’. This horizontal assemblage of plywood planks in a massive free form seems to float in space, a new attempt to defy gravity on the part of the creator.

A fine quality surrealist set, a seat as practical as a pouf. Outsize beach stones, a rest beach with variable geometry for indoors or outdoors. Reminiscences of an intimate and poetic landscape. An alternative approach to living space and movement in habitat that is non-conformist and playful. Beach stones that form a chimera-like setting for an ideal holiday location, turning apartments into fun-space.

Shadows that sway, calm as clouds in the sky, softly travelling in the breeze. Sails to filter light. A mobile set of elements to be suspended freely in a window opening or as a space separator. Made of pure linen or silk, with an armature of galvanized steel in a sheath that allows contortions of all kinds. The clouds come with a cable for regulating height and a magnet that can be attached to any form to position the installation vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A range of thirteen shapes and volumes for choosing your own horizon, in modular composition.

‘Stéphanie Marin and space in style!’, Maison Française
‘Smarin design, already a success story’, Elle
« These rockin’ pieces of furniture breathe Zen serenity », The Wave magazine
‘Livingstones : cushions for sitting or diving on’, DS
‘At last we’re going to be able to get down on beach stones!...a real beach in the living room.’, Madame Figaro
‘Stéphanie Marin installs nature in our homes’, Nouvel Observateur
‘Softness of lines and colours, liberty of compositions: Stéphanie Marin’s beach stone cushions play on seduction’, Côte Ouest
‘What a great idea! It’s so beautiful that it’s amazing no one thought of it before’, IDEAT
‘Design in praise of nature’, ICI - Canada
‘Creativity and simplicity […] Objects that are funny and beautiful, useful and user-friendly to rediscover the close links between art and decoration’. Art Jonction

A partner in countless events, a definitive player on the French and international design scene.
Acclaimed by her peers by selection for l’Observeur du design 2008 to represent innovative France, and by the Prix d’excellence 2006 at the Montreal International Design Fair as a reference.
With more than 175 sales outlets all over the world, creations by Stéphanie Marin are on show in many prestige places, either temporarily or permanently (photos in annexe):
- « Les Galets » restaurant, Beau rivage hotel ****, Nice – winter 2005
- Marithé François Girbaud showroom, New York – May 2006
- scenography for Europe Lalique show windows– 2006/2007 season
- reception lounges, Luxembourg, capital of creation – May 2007
- Cannes film festival – May 2007 (‘Quinzaine des réalisateurs’, press lounge spaces, Noga Hilton, Cannes / Orange beach / TF1, Noga Hilton beach, Cannes)
- Festival international des Arts de la Mode, villa Noailles, Hyères – June 2007
- « Bonne Maison », Yann Arthus Bertrand – October 2007
- TV show « Les nouveaux explorateurs », Canal+ - season 1, 2007
- Volkswagen commercial ‘Polo, l’essayage’ - 2007
- Lionel Richie, Bob Sinclair clip ‘All around the world’ - 2007.

cushion stones Livingstones

cushion stones Livingstones

cushion stones Livingstones

mobiles Mobileshadows

mobiles Mobileshadows

mobiles Mobileshadows