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environmental designer, interior architect, industrial designer, scenographer, teacher, artist

Robert Stadler was born in 1966 in Vienna, Austria. He trained at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and at the ENSCI in Paris, where he co-founded the RADI DESIGNERS group in 1992. For more than 10 years the group turned its creativeness to the most varied fields, from an all-over installation at the Fondation Cartier for contemporary art to the design of a meal tray for Air France.

In the year 2000, with an eye to re-appropriating space for free and personal research, in parallel to his activity within the group Robert Stadler decided to go solo.
In 2001 he took part in the “Un art populaire” exhibition at the Fondation Cartier. The following year he won a FIACRE scholarship grant that enabled him to work for six months at the Santa Teresa artists’ residence in Rio de Janeiro. When he returned he presented “Frontalunterricht” in collaboration with Stefan Nikolaev at the Espace Paul Ricard in Paris. In 2004 the Austrian gallery KlausEngelhorn22 showed a selection of his work with that of Jurgen Bey and Konstantin Grcic in Milan and Vienna, in exhibitions entitled respectively “Vanishing Point 1 et 2”. That same year he presented “Lost and found” in Paris, a solo show to mark the reopening of the Galerie Dominique Fiat.

Robert Stadler uses exhibition spaces to transgress the usual categories for classifying objects. He questions the status of the object as work or product, as well as the border-lines between preciousness and usefulness, elegance and vulgarity, the serious and the absurd. By juggling with different levels of representation and perception he attempts to establish a more intense relationship between the object and its master, which may entail emancipating the latter from a state of apathetic contemplation or consumerism.
Robert Stadler lives and works in Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

furniture Tephra Formations
© David Brook

furniture Possible Furniture
© André Morin

restaurant Corso Place Franz Liszt (Paris)
© Marc Domage

chair & pedestal table Rest in peace #2
© André Morin

clock 24h Tanya
© Robert Stadler

table Negotable
© Patrick Gries

soundproofed cabin Pentaphone
© Patrick Gries

the best producer trophy Prix Daniel Toscan du Plantier
© Patrick Gries

ice bucket & pitcher Ricard
© Agence Emulsion

Christmas show windows Dior
© Marc Domage

elements Pools & Pouf !
© Patrick Gries

cut-out objects & furniture Do Cut
© B. Pilet

wall mirror +336+
© Patrick Gries

suspension Alquimista
© Patrick Gries