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environmental designer, industrial designer, scenographer

FabriK3 was set up in 2005 and groups three young designers trained at the Ensci-les Ateliers in Paris - François Clerc, Claire-Emmanuelle Hue and Alexis Patras.

FabriK3 has opted for the inclusion of environment-friendly criteria in all design activities, scenography and product fabrication. For the trio, eco-design means assessing the impact of production on the environment so as to reduce it to acceptable levels. This evaluation is active at every phase: creation, production, transport, use and end-of-usefulness of objects.

For FabriK3, eco-design opens new fields of investigation that concern clients and suppliers as well as creators.

François CLERC
2003/2005 – independent designer
2003 – Diploma from the ENSCI/Les Ateliers (Paris)
1998 - BTS in Industrial design, Olivier de Serres (Paris)
1995 - Ecole des Beaux Arts (Rennes)
1994 - Bac Science (Le Mans)

Claire-Emmanuelle HUE
2004/2005 - independent scenographer
2003/2004 – assignments for Caravanserail and Proxima du Centaure agencies
2001/2003 – Assistant to Adrien Gardère for scenography projects
2001 - Diploma from the ENSCI/Les Ateliers (Paris)
1995 - Bac Applied Arts, Ecole Boulle (Paris)

2004/2005 - independent designer, consultant for Schneider-Electric
2004 - Diploma from the ENSCI/Les Ateliers (Paris)
1998 - IUT Mechanical & Product engineering (Alençon)
1997 – Prep classes in physics, technology, engineering sciences (Caen)
1996 - Bac Science (Alençon)



Ademe PACA – (Agence pour le Développement et la maîtrise d’Energie) -
Info Energy stand-space at International Fair / Sept. 2005, Marseilles.
Eco-design of stand furniture & fittings to sustainable & modular criteria.
Selected for Observeur 2006 award

Schneider-Electric, VIA, "The hospital room as a living cell" / 2004-2005, Paris.
Analysis of use and needs generated by shared occupancy: medical practises and patients’ requirements. Proposal for design & layout of medical equipment and hospital furniture. In collaboration with the Cancer unit of Saint-Louis hospital, Paris. With the support of VIA. Winner of "Janus de la Santé - Découverte" award.

Mobil Wood – Furniture maker / 2004, Burgundy region.
Global design for general public retailing of Mobil Wood concept. Definition of corporate image & design of sales outlets.
In charge of product design for garden range.

Conseil général de l’Essonne - La clé du jardin / 2003, Chamarande.
Design & construction of 25m ‘stand-cabin’ for regional authority, for educative & information purposes in various public places - demountable timber structure.

Construction of 2 other ‘stand-cabins’ following success of first one.

BHV department store, "Cache-cache" / 2000, Paris.
Winner of "2000 ideas for the year 2000" competition on the theme of kid’s rooms.
Furniture composed of side-tracked objects, distributed by BHV in d-i-y assembly kit.

Mirador interactive museum, "Bio-Bio, the water cycle in nature" / 1998, Santiago, Chile.
Design & construction of educative presentation of water cycle.
Team project for opening of MIM in Chilean capital.


Cèdre Rouge - 11 stores specialised in home & garden layout/ 2002-2005, Paris.
Graphic design for communication around 20th anniversary of Cèdre Rouge – visual identity, catalogue, packaging, stationery...
Product design: range of furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs, beds) plus fireplace accessories & flower pots.

Graine de pot - biodegradable plastic flower pot/ 2003, Paris.
"Graine de pot"- seeds, pot and earth form biodegradable pack with 9 month life-cycle.

Renault, "La Valse, Senior-mobile" / 1999-2000, Paris.
Design of light fuel-burning vehicle for neighbourhood public transport. Study of network, architectural principle, technological feasibility & design in collaboration with Renault Design Centre.


EDF / Mairie de Paris / Ademe Ile-de-France – Electrical Mobility space / 2005, Paris.
Renovation of showroom for promoting electrical vehicles – scenography & design of all graphic communication for space.

Conseil general de l’Essonne - Le réveil de Méréville / 2005, Méréville.
Design of totem panels for “Le réveil de Méréville” exhibition. In collaboration with Ebullioscope, independent graphic designers.

Eco-design furniture & fit-out stand



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