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Roderick VOS

Contact : P.O. Box 31 5256 ZG Heusden Vesting - Pays-Bas

Ph. +31 416 666 222
Roderick Vos was born at Groningen (The Netherlands) in 1965 and studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He began his activity in 1987, as a trainee by Ingo Maurer’s Studio in Munich. Later on, he moved to Japan, where he found an excellent tutor in GK Industrial Associates (Tokyo), founded by Kenji Ekuan. Partly Asian himself, this particular period strongly heightened his deep personal interest in Asian Culture, to an extent that, after graduating in 1990 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, he travelled to Indonesia, together with his partner and designer herself Claire Vos. In 1996 Roderick and Claire Vos came back to the Netherlands and established their studio in Groningen. “Maupertuus Studio”, named after the famous medieval tale of Van de Vos Reinaerde, is focused on both architecture and product design and present, at the same time, a completely new concept for a furniture shop. From 1999 on, Studio Maupertuus started collaborating with important companies such as Driade, Alessi, MDF Italia. Roderick Vos is firmly convinced that design should be humble. His creations convey magical simplicity and avoid any intellectual overmeaning, so to be able to tell their own “story” to the consumer and display - as they were said to do by his colleague Konstantin Grcic - “artistic individuality paired with technological competence”. Roderick Vos, mentioned in the International Design yearbook in 1998, 2000, 2001 and 2003, is now gaining recognition abroad and his works are being collected by several international museums.

vase Bloom

armchair Leer

side table / shelve Upsido

sofa Hopper

low table Log

candle holder Bold

wall hook Circus, your personal organiser

mirror series Mir

armchair Metropolis

armchair Model 6970

sofa Dgg Ettore

sofa Gelderland Bank

magazine rack Papparazzi

vase Mama

bar stool Mart 1

chair Mart 3

armchair / rocking chair Ayu

chair Goya

easy chair Kraton

easy chair Sari

low tables / side tables Obi

chair Tulipani