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120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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i grew up in a rural area in aachen, on the german border with the netherlands and belgium. my mother was dutch, my father german. due to the fact that my grandfathers were handicraft people i early got in touch
with materials of all kinds and loved to make and create things. after school I trained as a cabinet maker. then i studied design in aachen and graduated with special honors. one year later i started as
teacher in the university teaching product development.
this helped me to survive and pay the rent of my apartment for three years. during this time i started my first
own projects with smaller german design labels like details and freiraum. after my first booklet mailing
in year 1999 i got the focus of habitat and ligne roset which were the first big international companies
i worked for and am still doing so now.
after my presentation at salone satellite in 2001 things began to grow and grow. four years later I have
my own studio here in hamburg where i moved to after my girlfriend got pregnant five years ago. now i
have a beautiful daughter who is talking the whole time when she is not sleeping. she and my turkish wife who works as a foto stylist teach me how to love the colour pink and to be sure to go ahead with my business as strong as i can and support me as much as they can.
i really want to get on top of the small roof of the design world. more or less because
of the fact that i love to create new things and see them grow and help them to learn to walk etc. and i hope that when i reach my goal i can do things in all kinds of directions and that people really
like what i wanted them to. and not to forget i want to hear my song in the radio !

actually things are going like a rocket this year. i just finished my first nice big interior project with 700 square meters over 4 floors here in hamburg where i did all the furniture and lighting.
( there are no fotos yet because the client only moved in last week ) but it is a really nice office between a working/lounging/meeting atmosphere for a software development company. i´m looking forward to doing more stuff like this, because it´s nice to create a whole thing.

ligne roset and habitat are updating from year to year my items in their collection and after doing a few
small things there they´re doing more and more furniture from me. habitat will bring a few new things in their collection after autumn 2005.

i would love to work more in italy as well. i had projects with zanotta which didn´t go into production, still built prototypes of them. i have a few products with rapsel. i´m in contact with artemide, cassina and boffi but it will take its time for sure. i just touched the surface but they noticed me.

my studio handles all kinds of design projects for furniture, accessories, lighting and interior design
using all kinds of materials and technologies.


creating new designs is the result of a long distance process i think. it´s not only about serving the demands
of a client for a product he is looking for. for sure, all this feedback from the briefing, up to the production,
the market possibilities and the existing collection of a company are very much in focus during the process but the personal touch you give as the designer, lets say as the father of something, is the soul of a product later on. this makes it successful in the market or not because the people and the client are touched by this special thing, which they are not able to name. we in our world as designers create things that there is no need for. we are not creating life-need things. so these items are ‘must have’ and not ‘need to have’.
there has to be something more between a chair just to sit on and a one which is called a design piece. sometimes it´s possible to make this line very flexible as well. then i think it´s perfect when a daily used
piece is so well designed that nobody notices it as a designer piece.
lets say it clearly: design for me is something which grows up deep in me and all information, pictures, images, things which happen to and around me are in a way included in it or bring me at the end to the point to do it like i did it.

hamburg 10th august 2005

lounge chair Hug

floor lamp Don

wall clock It is your time

low tables Bobine

vase Face to face

trolley U turn

easy hanger Pegy

trestle Topolino

stool Domino

vase Ballerina

table top Hedgehog

storage system Box it

floor light Gleam

floor light Twister

bird house Birdy