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120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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Contact : Alešovčeva 37 1000 Ljubljana - Slovénie

Ph. +386 1 500 73 60

Gigodesign provides a systematic approach to complex problems of creating identities for products, brands, companies and events. Our knowledge core lies in industrial and graphic design, interactive design and branding.

Gigodesign’s cumulative knowledge base includes over 90 clients from different business segments, and over 230 successfully delivered projects from different fields of functional design.

Industrial design is all about creating new products, which add value in terms of production, marketing or sales. Within the integrated communications approach, industrial design adds the third dimension to design concepts. It integrates the limitations of ergonomics, materials, production technology and product target price, while strengthening the product line and corporate product identity.

Graphic design services range from creating identity systems, visual concepts and information hierarchies. It also sets the frame for every part of visual communication like annual reports, company profiles or other corporate printed matter, books, posters, magazines and newspapers, information design, etc.

Interactive media require specialized insight in the latest technology, while basing its delivery on the know-how related to focused target group user habits and expectations. The application and implementation of a technological solution to a specific target group needs, taking mainly into consideration the usability, functionality and design, are our main advantages.

Gigodesign was founded in 2000.
Gigodesign’s founders (Matevž Medja, Miha Klinar, Anja Stefan, Miro Cepec, Miran Klenovšek) have been practicing their respective specialties in different companies since 1990.
Gigodesign currently employs 21 designers and other specialists.

For a comprehensive list of our delivered projects, clients and awards, please visit our website.

multifunctional bed Saratoga

bird Feeder Aves Perpetuum Nobile

kitchen sink (tender) Sink Sank Sunk

bathroom fittings and accesories (tender) Bathroom fittings and accesories (tender)

small scooter Marvin

line Lamp Officer

spot Light Minus