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William SAWAYA

Contact : Sawaya & Moroni, Via Manzoni, 11 20121 Milano - Italie

Ph. 0039-02-86.39.51
William Sawaya, born in Beirut 1948, now Italian, graduated in Architecture in 1973 from the National Academy of Fine Arts of Beirut.

Particularly interested to the definition of internal spaces (his first successes were obtained with the projects of some residences in Lebanon), he extends his professional activity to France, Italy, Japan, Greece, Russia, the USA and the Arabic Gulf.
In Paris and Milan he studied and experienced in the field of Product Design which he considers an important part of a coherent project in living culture.

In 1978 he moved to Italy and established, together with Paolo Moroni, Sawaya & Moroni Design Office, and in 1984 they founded Sawaya & Moroni Contemporary Furniture, where he directs the artistic and project activities.

Lately he started to design for Companies other than his own, such as:

Swiss Air (now La Suisse)
Bagatti Valsecchi Museum (Milan)
Heller N.Y.

He joins various personal and collective art and design exhibitions.
His work has been published on various design and architectural books, magazines and newspapers. He appears in various TV reportage and interviews, his work is present in various museums, as well as in public and private collections.


The Chicago Athenaeum Museum, Chicago, USA - WIENERIN chair
Museum fuer Gestaltung, Basel, Switzerland - SOTTOSOPRA table
"Die Gelaender des Design"
Museum Sterckshof, Anvers, Belgium - LE DIABLE EN TETE
"Zilver Centrum" silver carafe
Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen, Germany - SOTTOSOPRA table
"Die Kunst und das schoene Ding"
Kunstahl Museum, Rotterdam Holland- SOTTOSOPRA table
The Design Center, Malmo, Sweden - SOTTOSOPRA table
Kunstmuseum, Duesseldorf, Germany - Glass vase
Musée Mandet, Riom, France - LE DIABLE EN TETE
Silver pitcher LE VIN DE L’ASSASSIN
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem Israel - WIENERIN chair, DIVA chair
Ministry of Culture, Paris, France - EX LIBRIS (Délégation aux Arts Plastiques) Bookshelves
Musée des Arts décoratifs, Lyon, France - LE DIABLE AU CORPS Silver pitcher
Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York, USA - CALLA (produced by Heller) Plastic Chair
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munchen, Germany - MAXIMA armchair
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munchen, Germany - BELLA RIFATTA Chair


Les Fleurs du Mal, Sawaya & Moroni, Milano, Dec. 1991
Les Fleurs du Mal, Galerie Electum, Muenchen Dec. 1991
Les Fleurs du Mal, Galerie Neotu, Paris , Jan. 1992
Les Fleurs du Mal, Rosenthal Studio Haus, Hamburg, Apr. 1992
New Sensualism, Tokyo Design Center, Tokyo, Apr. 1993
New Sensualism, Kuro Art Gallery, Osaka, Jun. 1993
I Dialetti Impossibili, Sawaya & Moroni, Milano, Oct. 1994
I Dialetti Impossibili, Galerie Von Bartha, Basel, Jun. 1995
Made in Italy, Musée Mandet, Riom, Jun.-Oct. 1998


SAD Salon des Architectes Décorateurs, Le Grand Palais, Paris , Jan. 1985
I Modi del Design, Triennale di Milano, Milano, Sept. 1987
Seitenspruenge, Galerie der Frankfurter Messe Frankfurt, May 1988
10 Years of design seen by MODO, ICE Ital. Institut f. Aussenhandel, Duesseldorf, Jan. 1988
Lights on Icons, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, Mar. 1988
Lights on Icons, Merchandise Mart, Atlanta, Nov. 1988
Lombardia Genius Loci, Abitare il Tempo, Verona, May 1988
100 Sedie La Mia Casa, Fiera di Milano, Milano, Oct. 1988
One Hundered Designers, Metropolitan Home, New York, Mar. 1990
Citycorp Center
Moi et Chez Moi, Salon du Meuble, Paris, Jan. 1990
Going Home, ICE Italian Trade Centre, London, Feb. 1991
30 Anni di Design, Triennale di Milano, Milano, Apr. 1991
Il Design Degli Anni 80, Palazzo delle Fontane, Roma, Feb. 1991
Il Design Degli Anni 80, Ente mostra Oltremare, Napoli, Jun. 1991
Il Design Degli Anni 80, La Triennale di Milano, Milano, Sep. 1991
"Cerimoniale" Dioce, Galleria Alisso, Torino, Apr. 1992
XXIa Biennale di Gubbio, Palazzo della Signora , Gubbio, Sept. 1992
Ornamenta, Castello Sforzesco, Milano, Nov. 1992
Argenti Italiani, Castello di Sartirana, Sartirana, Nov. 1993
Galleria Valente, Kunst Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Jun. 1994
Argento è Luce, Sawaya & Moroni, Milano, Apr. 1994
Viaggio in Italia, Abitare il Tempo, Verona, Oct. 1994
10 Italian Chairs, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum, Chicago, Oct. 1994
Estrema Osaka, Sawaya & Moroni, Milano, Nov. 1994
Italian Design, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Dec. 1994
Tarli & Farfalle, ICE Salon du Meuble, Paris, Jan. 1995
Arte Design in Italia, 1945 - 75, Palazzina di Caccia, Stupinigi (TO), Jan.-Mar. 1995
La Sindrome di Leonardo, La Pia Almoina, Museo Diocesà, Barcelona, Apr.-May 1995
Il Mobile Contemporaneo Italiano, Cosmit. Salone del Mobile, Milano, Apr. 1995
"Die Geländer des Design", Museum für Gestaltung, Basel, Apr. 1995
"Die Kunst und das schöne Ding", Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen , Mar.-May 1995
Kunstahl Museum, Rotterdam, Jun.-Jul. 1995
The Design Center, Malmo, Aug.-Sep. 1995
La Sedia Eccezionale, Spazio Casa, Vicenza, Feb. 1996
Mostra sul Complemento, Fiera di Milano, Milano, Apr. 1996
Design and Identity, Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, May 1996
New in Glass, Kunstmuseum, Duesseldorf, Oct. 1996
Absolute Vodka, Castello Sforzesco, Milano 1997
Il Goto d’ Autore, Barovier & Toso - Finarte, Milano 1997
Moi et Chez Moi Salon du Meuble, Paris, Jan. 1990
Le Luxe, Salon du Meuble, Paris Jan. 2001
2D-3D, Salon du Meuble, Paris Jan. 2003
Contemporary Mosaic Design, Salone del Mobile, Milano, Apr. 2004


Sacra Fabrica, Abitare il Tempo , Verona, Oct. 1993
Sacra Fabrica, Passage de Retz, Paris, Jan. 1994
Viaggio in Italia, Abitare il Tempo, Verona, Oct. 1994
Delirium Design , Abitare il Tempo, Verona, Sep. 1995
Argento è Luce, Zumtobel Space, Vienna, Dec. 1996
Argento è Luce, Passage de Retz, Paris, 1997
Dipinti di Antiche Dimore, Abitare il Tempo, Verona, Oct. 1997
Made in Italy, Musée Mandet, Riom, Jun. 1998
Switch on Lebanese Design, Salon du Meuble, Paris, Jan. 2005


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Swiss Air
Silver Collection :
Money clip "I earn…You spend"; Napkin ring silver "Oblique"
Modular candlestick "Abra Candelabra" Zurich, 1995/96
Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milano
Stool for kids "BArtolomeo e VAlentina" Milan, 2000
FIFA Women’s World Cup, Trophy, Zurich, 1999
FIFA Clubs World Championship, Trophy, Zurich, 1999
FIFA Futsal World Championship, Trophy, Zurich, 2000
Heller, Calla chair, New York, 2000
FIFA Youth World Championship, Trophy, Zurich, 2001
FIFA U-19 Women’s World Championship, Trophy, Zurich, 2002
Baccarat "Rencontre avec William Sawaya", Glass Collection, Paris, 2002
Catas award, Maxima Chair, Udine (Italy), 2002
Andreu World, Zarina collection, Spain, 2002
Corepla , Bella rifatta chair, Italy, 2003
Baccarat "Rencontre avec William Sawaya", Glass Collection, Paris, 2004

Andreu World, Ritmika collection , Spain, 2004

Sicis, Contemporary Mosaic Design, Milan, 2004
Tarkett, Carpet Collection, France, 2004

chair Bella Rifatta

seating for four. Darwish

armchair Gravity

chair Maxima

pitcher Le diable en tête

tray O-Valeo

vase Sahtel Bourj

vase Trafalgar Square