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Contact : via goito, 7/9 20121 Milano - Italie

Ph. +39 02 65719.42
environmental designer, interior architect, scenographer

Architecture Degree c/o Milan Polytechnic.

Opening of Studio Lissoni with Nicoletta Canesi: projects of industrial, interior and graphic design.
Boffi Cucine : graphic and photographic image.
stand at the International Furniture Fair in Milan.
Mobilia : restoration of showroom in Milan - via Manzoni.
Ravera : restoration of showroom in the historical centre of Lodi.

Alfarreda: restoration of showroom in the centre of Cuneo.
Boffi: restyling of "Xila", "Ari" and "Dogu" kitchens.
XO: project of the structure for the first exhibition of in Milan.
Novadomus/Ricci: restoration of showroom in Parma.

Novadomus/Ricci: restoration of Parma showroom and office (1st floor).
Boffi : stands at Eurocucina Expo, Milan.
Corporate image.
Showroom layout
Baldacci : corporate identity and graphic and photographic image for two kitchens.
"C202" kitchen project.
Restoration of factory building and offices in Fucecchio, Florence.
Misura Emme: project for the design review "Bluenotes".
Series of tables named "I tavoli della settimana" and chair called "Domenica".

Living Divani:
graphic and photographic image;
advertising campaign.
"Calibano" sofa and armchair.
Porro and Living Divani: stands at the Intern. Furniture Fair of Milan.
Porro: "Novecento" night-furniture collection.
Boffi Cucine : new corporate image.
Design of "Esprit" kitchen.
Mandarina Duck: advertising campaign.
Boschis : restoration of furniture showroom at the 1st floor of the "Whist Palace" in the historical centre of Turin.

Living Divani: armchairs "Prospera" and "Ariel".
Iren Uffici: corporate image.
Boffi Cucine : stand at the Eurocucina Expo of Milan.
Series of tables and chairs.
Matteograssi: beginning of the collaboration as Art Director.
Star Treviso: series of electrical household appliances.
Porro: series of daily-complements.
Participation in the "30 Architetti e la qualità della casa" (30 Architects and home design quality) exhibition in Milan.

Boffi Cucine : internal showroom and museum at Lentate sul Seveso headquarter.
"Gradus" table and a line of bathroom complements.
"Esprit" kitchen is selected for "Compasso d’oro".
Porro : corporate image.
Bookcase "Bibliotech".
Living Divani : "Palco" and "Winter" system of sofas.
Matteograssi : corporate image.
System of chairs "Melodia".
Takashimaya (Japan) : project of logo and trademark of a shopping centre in Kobe Harbourland, and design of a series of monuments and clocks inside the shopping centre.

Opening of Graph.x , special dept. of graphic design
Star Treviso: series of electrical household appliances.
Boffi: chair "Parnassum" plus "Latina" and "Food Center" kitchens.
Boffi Studio: showroom in Boulevard St. Germain, Paris.
Yoshimura: trademark and logo for the Japanese Architecture studio.
Iren Uffici: "Botticelli" directional office furniture system.
Porro : "Shinto" bed, "Camogli" chair and "Città Verticale" and "Città Orizzontale" furniture systems.
Living Divani : "Dorian" sofa.
Orsenigo (CO) : restoration of a private house.

Porro, Boffi, Matteograssi, Iren Uffici and Living Divani : stands at the most important furniture fairs in Italy and Europe.
Living Divani : new corporate image.
Sofa "Giano".
Matteograssi : "Berlin" system of sofa.
Porro: "Pavillon" series of tables; benches "T.Tea" and boiserie "Mondrian".
Artemide: floor and wall-lamp "Filoti".
Boffi Studio : corporate identity.
showroom in Köln.
Boffi: series of bathroom furniture called "Latina Bagno".
InterForm: furniture showroom in Lugano - Switzerland.
Foscarini: lamps "Flat", "Basic System" and "Cap".

Matteograssi and Iren Uffici: stand at the Köln Orgatec fair.
Lema, Matteograssi, Living and Porro: stands at the Milan Int. Furniture Fair
Iren Uffici: presentation of "Work Station System" ("WSS").
Matteograssi: showroom in Milan, Piazza Belgioioso.
Boffi Bagni: showroom in Paris.
"Servitù" and "Cornici" bathroom furniture.
Boffi: project for showrooms in New York and Seoul.
Lema: beginning of the collaboration as Art Director.
Porro : table "Ferro", wardrobe system "Technic", bed "Light B" and small table "Nuvola".
Living Divani: "Bench System" and "Pelican" sofa series.

Boffi, Lema, Porro, Living Divani and Matteograssi: stands at the Milan International
Furniture Fair and Eurocucina.
Boffi Cucine: showroom Boffi Monforte in Milan.
Kitchen "B 95", cooking zone "Magnum Kitchen" and new kitchen furniture "Frame" and "Metals".
Boffi, Hong Kong: trademark and showroom "Casitalia".
Boffi Studio: project for a showroom in Blv. St. Honoré, Paris.
Boffi, Porro and Living: presentation at the Cologne’s Docks.
Cassina: project and presentation at the showroom
New series of beds
Foscarini: "Bugia" lamp.
Nemo: Permanent installation of lamps at via Durini showroom.
Project for a series of lamps.
Cappellini: " Sistema" furniture system.
Matteograssi: presentation and co-ordination; project of "Classic’s".
Eurisko (marketing research company): project of main offices in Milan.
Porro: "Link System" table, "Glider" chair, "Tecnich" wardrobe.
Living Divani: chairs "Balestro" and "Frog".

Foundation of Graph.x (graphics dept.)
Boffi, Porro, Living and Cappellini: presentation at the Cologne’s Docks.
Living Divani , Lema, Porro: stands at the Milan Int.Furniture Fair.
Cassina: "Met" sofa system.
Units (partnership between Boffi and Cappellini): kitchen design project and logo.
Matteograssi: showroom in Foubourg St.Honoré, Paris.
Porro: "Modern" furniture system, "XL" bed, "New Tone" bookcase and "Bis/Bis" side tables.
Living Divani : "Bench Sofa" system.
"Work Tables" series of tables.
Project for factory and showroom’s extensions.
Welonda (Wella group):
"Global Image" furniture system for hairdresser salons (prod. Cappellini).
Allegri (Dismi ’92): corporate image.
Renovation of the offices in Vinci’s headquarters.
Stand at Pitti Moda, July ’96.
Cappellini: "Aprile" and "Classica" chairs, "Simple" table, "Container Giorno" and "Container Notte".
Set-up of "Magazzini Cappellini" showroom in via Montenapoleone, Milan.

Boffi, Porro, Living Divani and Cappellini: presentation at the Cologne’s Docks.
Porro: "Technic Doors" wardrobe, "System" library and "Web System".
Nemo: two new lamps.
Living Divani : "Jelly" small armchair, "Village" sofa, "Frog" in PVC.
"WK6" kitchen system.
Stand for ’Eurocucina’ in the former church of S. Paolo Converso, Milan. Projects for few showrooms abroad.
Iren Uffici:
evolution of the workstation system "WSS", components for directional and semi-directional offices
"WSP" and "Solenoids".
Stand at ’Eimu’, April ’97.
Civel: furniture showroom, Lorient, France.
Units: "Cucine Minime" (Minimal Kitchens).
renovation of the offices in Corso Venezia - Milan
Stand at ’Pitti Moda’, Jan. ’97, Florence.
stand at ’Cosmoprof Expo.
presentation of "Global Image" project.
Cappellini: "Block" containers, "Soft" sofa, evolution of "Sistemi", concept for "Cappellini Sistemi", collection "Mondo Moderno" and realisation of chair and small arm-chair "Classica Soft", "Paper" chair.
Interni magazine: invitation and stand for the ICFF fair in N.Y.
Audi: Project for a showroom exhibition system.
T.U.I. (German Tour Operator): proposal for a multifunctional building in Berlin.

Porro, Living, Lema and Nemo/Italiana Luce: stands at the Int. Furn. Fair of Milan.
Studio Lissoni moves into the new two-floor space in via Goito.
Matteograssi, Porro and Cassina: Fuori Salone special showroom set-ups.
Welonda: internal showroom and headquarter’s offices.
two hairdresser salons in Milan ("Metodo Rossano Ferretti" and "Pier Giuseppe Moroni").
Stand at Cersaie fair in Bologna.
two new showrooms in Milan, via S. Cecilia and via Statuto
Design projects for: "Soft" bed, "Soft" little tables and little trolley, "Soho" furniture line, "Super Soft" armchair, "Paper" armchair, glass vases and trays in ash-wood for ’Progetto Oggetto’ collection.
"Basics" and "System Tecnich".
Stands at the Cologne’s furniture fairs.
Liv’It (Fiam group): "Eiffel" table.
Living Divani: during the January’s Cologne’s fair, presentation of "Box" sofa and armchair, "Jelly" sofa and "Frog" in padded leather.
Matteograssi: at Orgatec in Cologne, presentation of "East End", a new office furniture system
Iren Uffici: further development of "WSS".
Allegri: opening of new showroom in via Spiga, Milan, September.
Benetton Group: beginning of the collaboration with a private house project.
Boffi: project for new enlargements of factory.
Boffi Bagni: in December, opening of a new showroom in Milan, via Solferino.

Boffi, Cassina, Lema: stand at the Furniture Fair in Cologne.
Living+Porro: ’Reflection’ lighting and musical installation.
Cappellini and Cassina set-ups at Cologne ’Pesch’ showroom.
Living Divani : at the Int. Furniture Fair of Milan, presentation of "Café" new series of armchairs;" Metro2" sofa and "Frog Lounge" long chair.
Porro ("HT "), Living Divani, Lema: stands at the Milan’s Furn. Fair.
Iren Uffici: stand at EIMU , Milan.
Cappellini: showroom’s set-up and new kitchens for Units.
Matteograssi, Boffi and Cassina: showrooms’ set-ups for the Fuori Salone.
launch of "Nest" sofa/armchair system, "Zap" tables e "Flat" container ; catalogues for all the lines.
Kartell: design projects
Antares/Flos: series of technical lamps.
"TKTS" NYC: participation in the competition for Times Square (3rd prize).
Milano "Ansaldo: city of Cultures": admission to the final phase of the Intern. Arch. and Design competition, in collaboration with Arch. João Louis Carrilho da Graça.
Rome’s National Gallery of Modern: project of the final phase in collaboration with Arch. J.L. Carrilho da Graça.
Lisboa: in collaboration with Arch. J.L. Carrilho da Graça project for the edification of Boavista area.
Verona’s "Abitare il Tempo": stand "When water meets tin" sponsored by Boffi Bagni and stand "Progetto Moderno" sponsored by Cappellini.
End of works on Benetton’s private house in Treviso.
Matteograssi: layout project for new offices and factory enlargement

Lema, Living Divani, Porro: stands at Cologne and Milan Furniture Fairs.
Cassina, Cappellini (via Statuto, via S.ta Cecilia), Matteograssi, Boffi Monforte and Boffi Solferino: set-up showrooms for the ’Fuori Salone’ happening.
Boffi Soho: opening of new showroom in NYC.
Boffi: "Case System"
Living Divani: "Twin" and "Box Light" sofas.
Porro: "Spindle" and "Lario" chairs, "Beam" table and "Storage" system.
Kartell: Milan and New York presentation of "One" container.
Cappellini: "Uni", "Quattro" and "Tecno" systems (ECR).
Modern Living/Los Angeles: opening of a concept store.
project and presentation of new corporate identity packaging for ’System Professional’ and ’Metodo Rossano Ferretti’.
Restyling of whole internal line of magazines.
Wella Studio/Milano: project for offices’ restoration.
Parma: project for a private house.
Como: project for a private house.
Turkey: project for a 5star Hotel in Istanbul ("Bentley" design hotel).
Switzerland: project for "Al Porto" hotel near Zürich.

Lema, Living Divani, Porro: stands at Cologne and Milan Furniture Fairs.
Cassina, Cappellini via Statuto, Matteograssi, Boffi Monforte and Boffi Solferino: showrooms installations for the Fuori Salone’happening.
Cassina: "Reef" armchairs and sofas and "Note" little tables.
Living Divani : "Wall" sofa and "Twin" leather armchair.
Porro: "Roll" container, "Cell" and "Tokyo" beds.
Cappellini: "Tufo" and "Avio" system.
Kartell: "Form" armchair
Alessi: project for a men/women series of wrist-watches.
Flos/Antares: new set of different outside lights systems.
WK6 kitchen by Boffi, One by Kartell and HT by Porro are selected for the "Compasso d’Oro" Award 2001.
Wella: stand at the Bologna ’Cosmoprof ’ fair.
Bangkok: project for a private villa.
Milan: project for a private house in central Via Manzoni.
In July, opening of the ’Al Porto’ luxury hotel in Lachen, near Zurich.
Ed. Property (Benetton): Hotel/Museum/Restaurant/Oyster bar in Venice.

Lema, Living Divani and Porro: stands at Cologne and Milan Furn. Fairs.
Matteograssi and Boffi: "Fuori Salone" showrooms installations.
Living Divani: presentation of "Extra Wall" and "Filo" sofa systems and of the new version of Twin" armchair.
Porro: "Unité d" and "Roll Wide" containers; "Roll Bookstore" and new version of "Beam" table and "Modern" system.
Kartell: "Trays"
"Class" chair and "Swimming Pool" sofa system; "Sistema Cucina" for Units.
Cassina IXC: furniture showroom in Tokyo
"Shimomaruko" project: 2 model luxury apartments
Shanghai: "Spazio Italia" furniture showroom model apartments for the "Royal Garden" luxury residence
Kasthall: carpet showroom in centre of Milan
Montecarlo: interiors of a private house.
Interiors of a private sailing yacht in collaboration with Studio Brenta
Venice: end of the first phase of works in "Monaco & Grand Canal" Hotel.
Istanbul (Turkey): opening of the "Bentley " design hotel.

Joint venture with Giampiero Peia Arch. Studio: establishment of "Lissoni Peia Associati" to develop the Architectural dept. side by side with Lissoni Associati.
Lema, Living Divani, Porro, Matteograssi: stand the Milan Salone del Mobile.
Boffi, Matteograssi: showrooms’ special set ups for the Fuori Salone
Living Divani: "Île" and "Vintage" sofas, "Pod" little armchair.
Porro: "Beamglass" table, "Boxes" container, "Kami" screen and new elements for "Modern" and "System"
Boffi: new products
Kartell: "Plastic"
Flos/Antares: new lighting system
Wella: stand at Bologna Cosmoprof.
Boffi: opening of a show-room in Miami
Cassina Japan:
IXC showroom in Aoyama (Tokyo); model apartments in Osaka; "Umeda" residential complex.
Cassina: new showroom in Paris - bld. St. Germain
Living Divani: project for the factory enlargement
Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal (Venezia): end of 2nd phase of works.
Milan: project for a central residential building.
Fidenza: town hall library.
Cannobio (VB): project for a residential village and hotel by Maggiore Lake, inclusive of sports and meeting centre, restaurant, yachting club and marina.
Cesenatico: project for a wellness center and resort.
Jeep Chrysler: stand at Bologna Motorshow
Gallarate: project for a residential complex.

Lema, Living, Porro, Matteograssi, Cassina IXC: stand the Milan Salone del Mobile.
Living, Boffi, Porro, Matteograssi: showrooms’ special set ups for the Fuori Salone
Porro: opening of the new showroom "viadurini15", Milano
Living Divani: "Family Life", beds "Île" and "Extra Wall"
Porro: "P.04", seat "Como", bed "Standard", "Modern" new elements.
Porro, Living Divani: stands at New York’s ICFF fair.
Wella: stand at Bologna Cosmoprof.
Jeep Chrysler:
special set up for "La Grolla" restaurant, Courmayeur; stand at
Bologna Motorshow.
Cassina Japan: IXC showroom at Nagoya
Tokyo: project for the "Mitsui Royal Garden"business hotel
Shanghai: project for a residential tower.
Venice ’Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal: final term of works.
TAD: project for a new showroom in via Statuto, Milano
Elie Tahari: fashion showrooms in Soho/ New York, and Las Vegas
Competitions for :
- a land design hotel per Elica, in collab. with Metrogramma
- a new Berlin Grimm-Zentrum library…

Cassina IXC, Fantini, Glas, Lema, Living Divani, Matteograssi, Porro: stand the Milan Furniture Fair
Boffi, Living Divani, Porro, Tecno : showrooms’ special set ups for the Fuori Salone
Interni : “Extrawall”, special marble sofa.for the Triennale Gardens
Artelano : “TA60 Slim” library and consolle
Boffi Kitchen : “Table System”, restyling of “Xila 2.3”
Boffi Bathrooms : ”200cl” and “Catino” basin
Boffi : “Liquid Space” monography for the firm’s 70th year of design
Fantini : stand at Bologna “Cersaie”
Flos : “Tubolar Bells” lamps of different sizes
Ginza/Tokyo : in Novembre opening of the “Ginza Mitsui Garden” business Hotel
Glas : “Hub” family tables, “Split” tables, “Surface Mobili” library series “Surface Tables”, “Pipeline” tables, “ Outline” mirror
Kartell : “Trix” sofabed
Living Divani : “Bubble Rock”, “Carbon Frog”, “Family Lunge”, “Wheels”, “Hi-Tech”, “Pod Speed”, “Sdraio”
One : new logo and corporale identity
“O” Hotels : new logo and corporale identity
Poltrona Frau : Collection “Polo”
Porro : “Apostrophe” and “Soho” special rugs, “HT Office”, “Ice Beam” new elemento for “Modern” collection
Thonet : “S44” family chair
Wella Italia : stand at Bologna Cosmoprof
Piero Lissoni Interior Design “Hall of Fame” assignement
Ceasing of Lissoni Peia partnership

sofa Trix

fireside chair Carbon Frog

sofa Family Lounge

chair Pod Speed

storage unit HT office

storage unit Modern

kitchen Case System 2.3

button Neutron

table Île

sofa Plastics

sofa Île

lunch table Beam

storage unit Boxes

watch Watch

sofa Nest

sofa Met