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Michele de LUCCHI

Contact : Via Varese, 15 20121 Milano - Italie

Ph. +39 026378681
In recent years we have become used to recognising rounded and sinuos forms as modern and to reject rigid and angular forms as old: We still recognise, for example, advanced solutions as expressly integrated elements, rather than separate and designed independently. Knowing how to discover these concepts and knowing how to vary them in forms is what I have learned in recent years and I believe that this best expresses the sense of the designer’s activity in industry today.
Designing does not mean sculpting objetcs, but above all giving them a meaning , from both the communicative and the functional and ergonomic standpoints. We must not forget, in fact, that we live in an age when industry , though it gives us so much, is under indictment: Industrial products have acquired a maturity the value of which is pondered upon considerably by contemporary society. To conceive quality and know how to express it.

Michele De Lucchi, 19 April 1996

Michele De Lucchi was born in Ferrara in 1951 and graduated in architecture in Florence. During
the period of radical and experimental architecture he was a prominent figure in movements such
as Cavart, Alchymia and Memphis.
De Lucchi designed products for Artemide, Dada Cucine, Kartell, Matsushita, Mauser, Poltrona
Frau and Olivetti, for whom he has been Director of Design (1992-2002). He has elaborated various
personal theories on the evolution of the workplace and has developed experimental projects for
Compaq Computers, Philips, Siemens and Vitra.
His architectural designs have been mainly for office buildings, in Japan, Germany and Italy. In 1999
he was appointed to renovate some of ENEL’s (the Italian Electricity Board’s) power plants.
Many of his service interiors are in use at Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bundesbahn, Enel, Poste
Italiane, Telecom Italia, Mandarina Duck, Banca Popolare di Lodi and in other Italian and foreign
He has designed buildings for public and private museums, as well as numerous art and design
His professional work has always gone side-by-side with a personal exploration of architecture,
design, technology and crafts. In 1990 he set up Produzione Privata, a small-scale concern, through
which, unsolicited by clients, he designs products that are made using artisan techniques and crafts.
The numerous international honours he has received include the following prizes: Good Design
(Japan), Compasso d’Oro, Premio Smau, Office Design Eimu (Italy), Deutsche Auswahl, IF
Hannover, Design Plus, Roter Punkt, and Design Team of the Year 1997 (Germany).
His firm, aMDL, has its offices in Milan and Rome.
In 2000 he was made an Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana by President Ciampi, for services to
design and architecure.
In 2001 he was nominated Ordinay Professor of the Design and Art Faculty at the University in
Selections of his products are exhibited in the most important design Museums in Europe, United
States and Japan.
In 2003 the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris acquired a considerable number of his works, which
will be exhibited in two rooms in the permanent museum at the Beaubourg. The rooms will be
officially opened on November the 18th 2003.

Power station PRIOLO
© Gabriele Basilico

Interiors of the Milan Triennale © Gabriele Basilico

Post office CORDUSIO
© Santi Caleca

© Luca Tamburlini

Pylon for high tension

© Luca Tamburlini

Interior design DEUTSCHE BAHN
© Mayer und Kunz

Interior design DEUTSCHE BANK
© Matteo Piazza

Laptop ECHOS 40


Historical section GRONINGEN MUSEUM
© Tom Vack

© Tom Vack

© Luca Tamburlini

Office furniture ICARUS

Models of domestic appliances GIRMI
© Giorgio Molinari