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Contact : Steinfelder Gasse 11 50670 Cologne - Allemagne

Ph. +49 221 310 17 17

Mark Gutjahr works in different fields of design: from developing colors to consulting, from accessories to furniture and exhibitions. He is challenged by traditional materials, bringing them to their full potential and transforming them to fit new and contemporary designs, including their usage with new and high tech materials. The designs are mostly very graphic in appearance, showing the beauty of the materials used.

Mark Gutjahr *1973 (Kirchheim/Teck, Germany)
Education : KISD Cologne (1996-2001)
Designstudio for color, products, furniture, interior and consulting.

During studies at the Cologne International School of Design, Mark Gutjahr established the group ‘kombinat’ with Sven-Anwar Bibi and J. Zimmermann, working for various customers like Edra and Hidden and exhibiting in Milan, Cologne, Berlin, London and Turin.
In 2000, the bibi*gutjahr collaboration (with Sven-Anwar Bibi), worked for international clients like Swatch and Swarovski Optik.
Since 2003 he has his own design studio in Cologne, Germany working for various clients designing furniture, interiors, color collections and also as a freelance project manager for BASF Coatings AG and YCT Belize.


Works for Edra (I), Hidden (NL), Asiatides (F), Mande (Indonesia), Swarovski Optik (A), Abet Laminati (I), Blindenanstalt Berlin (D), BASF Coatings AG (D), Vodafone Holding (D), Erler&Weinkauff (D), City of Saarbruecken (D) and private customers.
3 months workperiod at the European Ceramic Workcentre, EKWC den Bosch (NL) 2005.
2 months workshop at YCT Belize, Central America 2005.


Double-pots, porcelain accessories made at the EKWC (NL), 2005.
Twisted Table, PE and rattan tables for Asiatides (F), 2004.
Baby Bubble and Speed Disc, thermometers for Erler&Weinkauff, Germany; together with Isabel Hamm 2004.
Basket, handbag for Blindenanstalt Berlin, (D); together with Isabel Hamm 2004.
Jalan Jalan and Curved Chair, rattan furniture for Mande, Indonesia, 2002 and 2003.
Fleur d’Arab, laminate for Abet Laminati (I) 2000/2003; design by bibi*gutjahr.
Missy, armchair for hidden (NL) 1999, design by kombinat, Bibi, Gutjahr, Zimmermann.
Vetter Hans and „Luc a ri“ for edra (I) 1999; armchair and stool of the „heimweh“-collection; design by kombinat, Bibi, Gutjahr, Zimmermann.

Anders als immer, selected by Volker Albus for IFA, Germany 2005
Ambiente, Frankfurt and Tokyo, 2004
Digital print by Abet Laminati, Milan 2003
Swatch Kaleidoscope project, Athens 2003
Weissraeume, Cologne and Milan 2003
Spin off, Cologne, 2003
Fundoshi-project by Anna Bernagozzi, Paris/Kortrijk 2002
Le botte-cul by Ecal Lausanne, Milan, Helsinki, 2002
Drive in, Cologne 2002
Waschtag, Cologne 2001
Heimweh, Cologne, Turino and Milan, 1999/2000

tableware objects Double pots
© J. Haas (DE)

dining table Rufus
© A. Mailander (DE)

thermometer Baby Bubble
© pixellab, Mannheim (D)

thermometer Speed Disc
© pixellab, Mannheim (D)

stool Luc a ri
© Yorick Carroux, Munich (D)

armchair Vetter Hans
© Yorick Carroux, Munich (D)

stackable stool Jalan Jalan
© Johannes Haas, Cologne (D)

stackable chair Curved Chair
© Johannes Haas, Cologne (D)

armchair Missy
© hidden (NL)

laminate Fleur d’Arab
© Mark Gutjahr (D)

handbag Brasket
© Mark Gutjahr (D)