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120, avenue Ledru Rollin
75011 Paris
Metro : Gare de Lyon / Ledru Rollin

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monday-friday : 9.30am – 6.30pm

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Contact : bosdorp 11/5 9190 Stekene - Belgique

Ph. +32 485121183
Company start-up, June 2002.
Tovdesign designs for furniture manufacturing companies and also releases its own products.
Tovdesign works with international suppliers skilled in fabrication processes such as CAM, CNC, lasering, waterjet, thermal deformations, upholstery, foam coating. Tovdesign has workmanship in designing, engineering, financial calculation and project execution.
Tovdesign provides know-how and workmanship in industrial furniture design such as : concepts/study/cad/prototype building/cost calculation/serial production/

Tom De Vrieze (°1968, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium), trained in ICT, maths, materials handling.
Worked several years as a mechanical engineering draughtsman for industrial companies - home and abroad – such as Atlas Copco, Procter & Gamble, Umicor, Food Machinery Corporation, Renault Belgium, Renault France.
Skilled experience in CAD 3D-, rendering- and video tools, cost calculation, project execution.
The designing of objects began in 1996 with the first object ’Secretary’, a turnable cabinet.
Later on, more designs were made for own use such as ’Monique’, ’Fauteuil du Crise’, ’the Shining’.
The idea to start a professional design company came in June 2002.

aije, designsymbol and portfolio of tovdesign, and global shape of the collection 2003.
The name ’aije’ is derived from the human cry when someone gets pinched.
The aije collection has some assignments :
1. to sell
2. to get publicity
3. a ’haute couture’ portfolio for manufacturing companies (people don’t wear haute couture but what is derived from it)

* Mande Handicraft cv, Indonesia
* Joli, Belgium

MEDIA (USA) 04.2003 (NL) 05.2003 (NL) 11.2003
brussel deze week (BEL) 11.2003
actief wonen issue n° 99 (BEL) 02.2004
ons huis volume 62 (NL) 01.2004
fl::ad #01 (BEL) 02.2004 (ITA) 03.2004
kwintessens n° 1/2004 (BEL) 03.2004 (USA) 04.2004
actief wonen issue n°101 (BEL) 04.2004
efashion (CHINA) 05.2004
kwintessens n° 2/2004 (BEL) 05.2004 (USA) 07.2004
red dot (GER) 07.2004
national television tv1 (BEL) 07.2004
de morgen (BEL) 08.2004
m&d residence, issue n° 10 (RUSSIA) 10.2004
national radio station rtbf-pure fm (BEL) 09.2004
japan design net (JAPAN) 10.2004
caminul (ROMANIA) 11.2004

design for europe interieur02 (BEL) 10.2002
100% folding - chairs (ITA) 08.2003
mande handicraft (IND) 10.2003
vizo-label (BEL) 10.2003
selected for icff 04 (USA) 10.2003
square (BEL) 11.2003
add!ct creative lab (BEL) 11.2003
creneau international (BEL) 11.2003
designcenter de winkelhaak (BEL) 01.2004
ambiente, frankfurt (GER) 02.2004
flanders district of creativity (BEL) 02.2004
design@sfeer ghent (BEL) 03.2004
’the new harvest 2003’ (BEL) 06.2004
tendence (GER) 08.2004
optimo-interieur04 (BEL) 10.2004
biënnale saint-etienne (FRANCE) 11.2004
index (DENMARK) 11.2004

distressing tool Aije de lap

seating/sofa Aije hold me

light Aije the light

animated juke box player with 4" TFT display Aije the sound

sofa for in- and outdoor use Coral lounged

stool for in- and outdoor use Coral

sofa Etoile

"Plug and Spray" outdoor shower Serpentine

pouf P-pouf

stools chairs Q-collection

low chair Rolbloc

sofa Tin

poufs Vive la Belgique

indoor chair Flemish