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Christian BIECHER

Contact : 14, rue Crespin-du-Gast 75011 Paris - France

Ph. 01 49 29 69 39
Project Assistance : 1993 1994
'Carte Blanche' grants : 2000
environmental designer, architect, interior architect, scenographer, teacher

Christian Biecher’s professional itinerary began inthe early 90s and he thus belongs to the new generation of architects, who are sensitive to the crossing of different artistic disciplines. Art, architecture, design, interior layout, set design and exhibitions, graphics "all these things are part of the same approach. An architecture of tense, minimal lines reveals a world where light plays with matter, where colours cut space in the same way as volumes do. The desire to be discreet, timeless, is filled out by the desire to give places a human appearance, to fill them with furniture and objects that express their era.Design, since it deals with projects in a shorter time frame, brings a new freedom to language. Supple forms, contrasts of tones, sensual surfaces".

armchair & sofa Véro

flatware Drop

sofa Slot

storage unit Trans

interior super moderne
© C. Fillioux

vase Trois-roses

boutique, Paris Lucien Pellat-Finet

vases Flowers

chair Grigri
© Christophe Fillioux

combinable system for waiting room seats 600

vase Rica
© Christophe Fillioux

layout & furniture of café in exhibition centre - Paris Le petit café

back pack Naja

desk, work tables Bureau vertical
© Christophe Fillioux

office furniture Slide

ceiling light Diabolo

chair Yvon

Chaise longue "Trip"
© Christophe Fillioux

Chaise longue "Trip"
© Christophe Fillioux

Chaise "Mono"
© Christophe Fillioux

Chaise "Mono"
© Christophe Fillioux

Meuble marqueterie "Étoiles"
© Christophe Fillioux

Meuble marqueterie "Étoiles"
© Christophe Fillioux

Table "Tile"
© Christophe Fillioux

Télévision "Media bag"
© Christophe Fillioux